Vikram Prabhu's Asuraguru is a triangular heist story

Asuraguru revolves around the protagonist going on a heist spree and after pulling off six heists, he he finds himself trapped with a private detective and a police officer on his trail.
Vikram Prabhu (L) in the sets of 'Asuraguru'.
Vikram Prabhu (L) in the sets of 'Asuraguru'.

Stealing from the rich for a good cause is an old trope. But debutant director A Raajdheep, an associate of Mohan Raja, assures us that the treatment of his Asuraguru, set for release this Friday, will be different from what we’ve seen before.

About the plot, which revolves around three main characters, he says, "There is a strong reason for my protagonist Shakti (Vikram Prabhu) going on a heist spree. There is a method to his well-planned and impeccably executed moves. After pulling off six heists, he finds himself trapped. A private detective (Mahima Nambiar) and an IPS Officer (Subbaraju) are both in hot pursuit of Shakti."

Raajdheep feels the action sequences, that begin right from the first frame, will be Asuraguru’s highlight. “Shakti runs atop the length of a train post his first successful heist operation. Vikram did it all himself without a body double on a slow-moving train. Mahima, meanwhile, prepared for her character by attending workshops on bike riding and archery.”

Asuraguru also stars Yogi Babu and Raajdheep says his presence is not just for diversion. "The whole plot 
revolves around his small tea shop, which is where all the planning takes place," he says.

The decision to entrust the background score to Simon King was a collective decision, says the director, adding, “The film also has three songs composed by Ganesh Raghavendra, of which the romantic melody sung by Naresh Iyer and Rita is my personal favourite.”

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