Nayanthara enters beauty retail space; launches gender-neutral lip care products

The Lip Balm Company from Nayanthara and Dr Renita Rajan is said to have the largest collection of lip balms in the world.
Nayanthara launches new line of beauty products 'The Lip Balm Company' (Photo | Twitter)
Nayanthara launches new line of beauty products 'The Lip Balm Company' (Photo | Twitter)

CHENNAI: Actress Nayanthara has launched a new partnership with renowned dermatologist Dr. Renita Rajan with a creative range of lip balms under the label The Lip Balm Company. The venture marks her entry into the world of beauty retail. The company is said to have the world's largest collection of lip balms.

The Lip Balm Company reportedly has about 100 different lip balms to be added to everyone's daily lip care routine.

Nayanthara's venture hopes to focus on making their products gender-neutral, as increasing trends show that the number of men who use beauty products has become higher. 

Speaking at the launch of the company, Nayanthara said she does not make compromises when it comes to beauty products and looks for high performance and safety. She said that these values have been incorporated into her company's DNA as well.

She further added that the team is proud of the new creative range of products and these products are bound to resonate with people who are looking for something extraordinary.

Dr. Renita Rajan said, “What started as a project to treat sensitive lips and create the perfect lip balm, ended up growing into a standalone product line. Not only are the lip balms able to plump, lift, soften, brighten and smoothen the lips, but the interesting neurocosmetics can also even give a sense of wellness and generate brain chemicals that can uplift the mood, and enhance lip characteristics. Using a lip balm is an everyday healthy habit, and our lip balms put the fun into an essential daily habit.”

The Lip Balm company has priced its products in the range of Rs 550 and Rs 5000 with an opportunity for customers to customize their products. The product can be bought both online at their website and offline at the CHOSEN  Store.

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