Maruti Swift: Where Comfort Meets Performance

Maruti Swift: Where Comfort Meets Performance

The Maruti Suzuki Swift strikes a nice balance between being an enjoyable car to drive and a practical vehicle for daily needs. This hatchback looks sporty and stylish outside but has a comfortable and feature-loaded cabin. So, it works well for driving around town during the week or taking the family out on weekends.

 It is easy to drive with a good ability to turn swiftly. This suits the Indian roads, allowing you to keep moving even in heavy traffic conditions. Read on to learn more about the different features it offers.

Design and Aesthetics

The Swift has that iconic hatchback shape that makes it instantly recognisable on the roads. Maruti Suzuki played it safe with the new model - they wanted to keep the Swift's signature look neat.

 Up front, you'll notice the new honeycomb grille and chrome strip across it, which adds a bit of flair. But otherwise, the front looks similar to earlier models. From the sides, it retains those sporty character lines and the sloping roof that gives it that swift, dynamic form. The handling is as nimble as the design suggests!

 Around the back, again, they've stuck to what works. Some may feel Maruti could have done more to distinguish the new Swift. It still looks as fun and youthful as ever. It turns heads on the streets with that spirited vibe.

Engine Specifications

It's powered by a 1.2-litre motor - good for zipping around the city or relaxed highway cruising. There is no need to worry about a lack of punch or running out of breath. More importantly, there's plenty of power even at low speeds - over 110 Nm pulling force when you step on the throttle. So, overtakes or inclines are handled with ease. The engine purrs silently unless revved hard. Overall, it balances spunky city performance and quiet cruising comfort.

 It consumes fuel reasonably and meets the latest emission standards, too. So you can have guilt-free driving fun without burning a hole in your pocket.

Interiors and Features

Step inside the cabin, and you'll notice that it looks quite sporty and youthful. The all-black theme looks slick, with nice chrome and silver accents around the AC vents and centre console. The flat-bottomed steering wheel also adds to that sporty vibe.

 The space inside is ample, especially in the front seats. The seats themselves feel comfortable and supportive, even on long drives. Three adults can fit decently well in the rear, but the lack of AC vents means it could get warm.


The Swift proves excellent at saving fuel costs. Its 1.2-litre engine uses the latest technology that helps consume less petrol. Plus, the car is lightweight, not heavy. Even the gear system targets economy over speedy pickup. All this helps extract more kilometres from each litre in real driving. As per owners, Swift can deliver around 20 kilometres per litre in the city. Take it on highways by driving smoothly; mileage goes even higher - around 23 km per litre! So, while Swift is not for racing, it squeezes maximum miles from tiny engines, keeping money in your wallet.


The Swift measures just a smidge under 3.9 meters long by roughly 1.7 meters wide and about 1.5 meters tall - footprint fitting for twisting through crowded streets effortlessly. Now coupled with an adequately sized 37-litre petrol tank, the Swift offers individual owners, young couples, or even small families ample versatility, tackling city traffic and highway jaunts while only sparingly needing fill-ups - more play, fewer pitstops!


The Swift's 1.2-litre petrol engine may not be the most powerful, but it delivers enough acceleration for an enjoyable driving experience. In crowded city roads, the Swift can smartly move through small gaps in traffic thanks to its good low-end torque. So, getting stuck in jams is more enjoyable in this car. Its lightweight body makes it easy to turn or change direction quickly around corners. This nimble handling and decent acceleration give the Swift a good balance between city convenience and fun driving.

Ground Clearance

The Swift's got decent ground clearance - over 160mm. It means you can tackle bad roads or large speed breakers without scraping the underside and damaging anything. There's enough space under there to swallow most bumps or potholes our roads love throwing at cars. You don't have to slow down to a crawl worrying about every uneven patch. Just drive over confidently without fretting too much. Its compact dimensions help manoeuvre tight gaps, too. So, the Swift lets you handle regular Indian road conditions without too many headaches.


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a fun all-rounder. It looks exciting outside, drives well, and doesn't cost much to run. Inside, the Swift feels quite trendy and roomy. Its small size and perky engine help nip through traffic nicely for city use. Out on highways, the family can relax in comfort. You will only need a few stops at fuel stations, too. The Swift finds an excellent middle path between affordable, convenient, and enjoyable driving daily. It skips some fancy features or blazing speed. But as an everyday hatchback for Indian buyers, it ticks most of the right boxes without overspending. Test drive one, and you'll realise why it remains so popular across age groups.

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