Functional impact

Co-founders of this city-based brand that has attracted a clientele looking for comfort and functionality, give us an insight into their latest collection and future plans
Functional impact

The must-have words to include in Cord’s resume—if the Delhi-based sartorial brand ever needed one—would be ‘mastered the art of creating functional clothing with a focus on comfort’. Co-founders Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh have retained these two innate qualities in their spring/summer ’23 collection ‘Lost & Found’ as well. The duo speaks to us about their latest edit, their brand vision, and more.

In a post-COVID fashion space, where there’s been an influx of homegrown labels, have you had to reimagine the brand’s vision?   

Cord was launched in 2015 with an aim to design everyday statement pieces that are classic, timeless with equal focus on functionality and comfort. With the changing years, and specifically in the post-Covid world, we have realised that the audience has become more aware. As a label, we’d like to retain our vision and ethos working with skilled craftsmen to provide timeless pieces.   

You mentioned in an interview that functionality is what you pay attention to when it comes to design. Does that statement hold water when it comes to your SS’23 collection ‘Lost & Found’? Also, how comfort-driven are the pieces? 

Yes, functionality is the USP of the brand. Each piece is handcrafted to provide comfort that a wearer is looking forward to. ‘Lost & Found’ is a mix of co-ord sets, dresses, separates, which can be worn hassle-free throughout the day. The fabrics are perfect to be worn in summers with [these being] breezy silhouettes. We ourselves have been wearing the collection throughout our travels and can say that each piece is distinctly individual and made to provide the luxury of comfort to the wearer.

Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh
Pranav Guglani and Neha Singh

Your collections always have a blend of architecture, nature and geometry. Take us through how you’ve conceptualised this collection.  

‘Lost and Found’ is an ode to all of us—and the self we lost in the hustle of life. [It is an ode to] Those paintbrushes that never made it out of the bottom drawer; the bare sheets of paper that still await your thoughts; the guitar strings that yearn to move in harmony. 

Experience the beauty of our voyages—across the seas, traversing through islands, forests, and landscapes—come alive in surreal prints, soothing hues, and functional silhouettes in this collection. Pranav and I are avid travellers; we take inspiration from wherever we go. This collection is inspired from our travels and how we want people to rediscover them and bring out their passion with these outfits.

Are there any indigenous, traditional techniques you’ve incorporated in this collection? Also, give us an idea of the colour palette, fabrics and motifs you’ve used.   
We have used the smocking technique—an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it can stretch. The fabrics include poplin, cotton blend, 100% handwoven pure linen, and the colour palette is earthy colour prints.

You started as a bag label, and slowly moved to apparel. Which segment do you plan to dive into next as a brand?   

Instead of focusing on adding new SKUs, we want as a label to create experiential spaces for our customers. We want to build a space where they not only get to try on the clothes but also experience the story of the brand. 

What are you working on next?    

We are currently working on opening our retail store in Hyderabad—it will be operational from June 15. We are very excited to introduce the brand to a fresh audience.

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