Gadag’s ‘Walking God’ heals many, and always with a smile

While there are two other doctors at the hospital, patients insist on meeting Dr Solomon only, so he tries to meet them all, even if it’s at 1 am.
Gadag’s ‘Walking God’ heals many, and always with a smile

GADAG: Known as the ‘Walking God’, this Gadag doctor has carved a special place in the hearts of anyone who crosses his path. A man who is famous for treating patients 24X7, Dr C Solomon, his patients say, never says no to anyone who comes to him for help. The patience he has shown in the last 40 years of his career is also spoken about.

Solomon came to Gadag in the late 1970s, and for the past four decades, he has been treating locals at Gadag CSI hospital, popularly called German Hospital. People from near and far come to Gadag to consult him, as many believe that Dr Solomon has a magical touch that can cure any disease. Solomon completed his MBBS and MD from Vellore Christian Medical College.

The hospital, run by a German trust, charges patients just Rs 50 for a month’s consultation. During this period, a patient can visit the hospital as many times, without being charged extra. In a limited budget, Solomon also managed to build good rooms for the poor. They are charged just Rs 200-300 per day.
After seeing Dr Solomon’s passion, the CSI mission gave him the responsibility of running the hospital. And he has changed the way the hospital functions, giving special attention to healthcare for the poor. In fact, nurses who work here are also trained accordingly.

A view of the hospital
A view of the hospital

Dr Solomon’s day starts early in the morning, he visits the wards and patients standing in queue. These rounds end around 4 pm, after which he breaks for lunch, resuming his work by 4.30pm. A regular day ends at midnight, but Dr Solomon is available 24/7, which is why his patients call him a ‘walking God’. “I had never thought of my job as a commercial one. I have never prescribed costly medicines, unless absolutely necessary. Our hospital is for the poor, and my patients love me because I understand their problems. I may not be the best doctor, but I am a human being,” he says.

Mallavva Madiwalar, a patient from Lakkundi village, told TNSE, “I had liver issues, which were wrongly diagnosed. I spent a lot of money on this. But when I went to Dr Solomon, he correctly diagnosed it as jaundice and prescribed medicines that cost just Re 1 per tablet in 1995. I barely spent Rs 30 and was well in 30 days. All my family members have been consulting him for the last 25 years.”

Another one of Dr Solomon’s patients, B R Jalihal, a retired professor, says, “We have been going to Dr Solomon for the last 30 years. He has been kind to us and always has a smile on his face. He doesn’t even charge extra when he makes home visits.”

While there are two other doctors at the hospital, patients insist on meeting Dr Solomon only, so he tries to meet them all, even if it’s at 1 am.Many attempts by the hospital to increase Dr Solomon’s consultation fee have gone in vain.

After Dr Solomon’s retirement in 2017, the number of patients reduced, so Basel Mission authorities convinced him to stay on for two more years. While he has decided to resign in May, pressure from patients has forced him to keep working, and he will be taking an honorary payment.

Dr Solomon’s patient, Chetan Bhajantri from Betageri, says, “My home is near the hospital where Dr Solomon works. Many patients come here asking for him. I have seen hundreds of patients who have been treated by him, who have had only positive things to say.”

Manjunath N from a private blood bank told TNSE, “Dr Solomon is a kind-hearted man. When his patients need blood and we do not have stock, the doctor always makes sure we get it, and even refers people who can donate blood.”


Late President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam visited Gadag district in 2009. When he heard of Dr C Solomon and his work, Kalam visited him and, praised his service. The hospitable doctor offered Kalam
vada-sambar and tea

Dr Solomon has donated blood 96 times! When there is a need, he never hesitates to donate blood.

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