Toddler Alexandra Abhilash from Kerala enters record India Book of Records with her GK

1.6-year-old Alexandra Abhilash rom Manjapra has mastered a lot of GK facts and carved a place for herself in the record books.
Toddler Alexandra Abhilash (Photo| EPS)
Toddler Alexandra Abhilash (Photo| EPS)

KOCHI: What do kids do at the tender age of one-and-a-half years? Not much. This is the age when they start learning the basic vocabulary. So, when a toddler starts saying general knowledge facts, it is bound to hold the listener spellbound.

Alexandra Abhilash, a 1.6-year-old from Manjapra, is doing just that. The toddler has mastered a lot of GK facts and carved a place for herself in the record books. Alexandra's ability was recognised by the India Book of Records.

Alexandra's parents, Abhilash Pulliaden and Shilpa, realised their kid's unique ability to grasp and remember the facts quite accidentally. "Just to keep her engaged, I used to show her pictures of birds and animals. When I saw her recognising the pictures and remembering the names, I decided to introduce some more to her," said Shilpa.

According to her, Alexandra started learning about interesting facts as soon as she turned one. "By the time she was one year and two months old, she graduated to learning the names of the prime minister, president and chief ministers," she added.

"I never forced her into learning. She showed interest and I found introducing her to the world of knowledge was a really good way of engaging her," said Alexandra’s mother who is doing her MSW.

She said, "When I saw her doing well and that too at this young age, I wanted her ability to be recognised. So, I contacted the India Book of Records. I wanted to know the minimum age to apply for entry into the record book. When I was told that the minimum age is 1.5 years, I decided to submit Alexandra's details."

Officials of the India Book of Records asked them to send the videos of her answering the questions in various categories, she said.

According to her, she submitted the videos of little Allu, as she is fondly called at home, answering questions in around 10 tests under various categories. "She gave the names of government leaders, birds and animals, cartoon characters and vegetables," said Shilpa. In the videos, Allu can be seen reciting the names without any hesitation.

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