Fun way of teaching gets this Kerala teacher national honour

Teaching has always been Jainus’ passion.
Fun way of teaching gets this Kerala teacher national honour

THRISSUR: “I Consider the award as a recognition for my hardwork,” said Jainus Jacob, a primary teacher of Puranattukara Kendriya Vidyalaya, who has been selected for the National Award to Teachers. The country will celebrate the National Teacher’s Day on September 5. The Thrissur native has been teaching at the Kendriya Vidyalaya for the past 26 years. She is the only teacher from the state who has been selected for the award. Her selection came under Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.

Teaching has always been Jainus’ passion. She found innovative methods to make learning interesting for her pupils and that is what got her recognition. It began with making of comic cards in Hindi to make the language easier for her students. “I teach all subjects for primary students.

As per norms, a student of class 3 should be able to read Hindi fluently. This was not happening as the children never get a chance to talk much in Hindi. Understanding their problems, I made short notes of their long stories and designed comic cards based on them. I drew all the pictures in the comic cards either by hand or digitally,” said Jainus.

When the pandemic hit and classes became online, most teachers struggled with the transition. However, it was never an issue for Jainus as she used the technology wisely and lessons became games for the children at KV Puranattukara.“Students adapt to their surroundings easily. All we have to do is support them with the facilities,” says Jainus.

It is not the first time that Jainus is receiving an award from the President. She had received the National ICT award from Pranab Mukherjee. In 2018, Jainus received Innovation in Education awards and in 2020, she was selected for the prestigious Fullbright Distinguished Awards for International Teachers.

“As a part of the Fullbright programme, I could interact with candidates from 16 countries. We visited American schools and understood the education system there. Following this, I started a project on food choices among the children but it didn’t take off due to Covid. I’m planning to continue the project now,” she said.

With her educational qualification, Jainus could have chosen to teach students of higher classes.But she believes introducing knowledge to little ones is a tough and fun-filled activity. “I just wanted to tell children of all ages to keep working hard and you will get rewarded for it one day,” she said.Jainus is living with her family in Thrissur. Her husband Sajan Jose had retired from the Army after 30 years of service while her only son Steve Joe is pursuing engineering.

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