Mushroom maestro: 22-yr-old from Telangana's Nizamabad sprouts success in agribusiness

Beyond tending his own crops, Balaswamy steps into the shoes of being a mentor, beckoning others to embark on this fertile journey.
The mushrooms are sold at `240 per kilogram.
The mushrooms are sold at `240 per kilogram.

NIZAMABAD : At the age of 22, P Balaswamy from Vinayak Nagar in Nizamabad has blossomed into an agricultural icon through his innovative choice of milky mushroom farming. He established his brainchild, the Laxminarasimha Cultivators and Training Centre where he began his journey of cultivating milky mushroom in a modest 150-yard land.

He selects quality seeds from the Bengaluru Agricultural University, utilising 1 to 5 kg of seed for mushroom cultivation. The entire mushroom cultivation period spans 45 days, with yields starting from the 35th day. Producing a daily yield of 20 kg, Balaswamy sells his mushrooms to various cities, boasting a customer base in both Nizamabad town and the surrounding districts. The mushrooms are sold at `240 per kilogram.

Highlighting the nutritional benefits of mushrooms, Balaswamy suggests their inclusion in the diets of people who are suffering from conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular ailments. He believes that the increasing awareness of the health benefits of mushrooms has contributed to the success of his business.

Emphasising the need for careful cultivation in indoor spaces with both dark and light rooms, Balaswamy stresses the importance of maintaining specific humidity levels for successful mushroom cultivation. For him, mushroom cultivation not only serves as a means of earning money but also as a way for citizens to discharge their duties with social responsibility. 

Beyond tending his own crops, Balaswamy steps into the shoes of being a mentor, beckoning others to embark on this fertile journey. Assuring them that it can be initiated with minimal investment and can yield satisfactory income, he mentions their willingness to assist and purchase the yield under a buy-back system.

His presence reverberates through agricultural gatherings, where he enlightens the   audience on the intricacies of mushroom cultivation and gives a blueprint on how to establish a successful business unit. He notes that a significant number of people, especially women, have shown interest in maintaining kitchen gardens, making mushroom cultivation a viable business option.

Recently, Balaswamy participated in an mela that aimed to throw light on organic farming, in Nizamabad, organised by Sai Vegetables and Fruits Growers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society in coordination with NABARD. K Sai Reddy, one of the organisers, expressed confidence that with motivation and training from a youth like Balaswamy can create wonders in the agricultural sector, promising support for such entrepreneurs through platform provisions.

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