Subbu Dharna, disciple of Shifu Kanishka Sharma, enjoys the exclusive authority to impart the sacred teachings of Shaolin.
Subbu Dharna, disciple of Shifu Kanishka Sharma, enjoys the exclusive authority to impart the sacred teachings of Shaolin.

Meet Subbu Dharna, Shaolin spiritual seeker

The 16-time grand champion of Indian Kung Fu accelerated his quest to master Shaolin tenets after a transformative journey to China.

HYDERABAD:  The term soldier typically conjures an image of an individual proudly adorned in the sacred uniform of the Indian Army, resolutely stationed along the nation’s borders, safeguarding its citizens with unwavering dedication. However, have you ever encountered a soldier who, dressed in the revered Shaolin Arhat Robe, serves the nation by imparting not only his profound knowledge and martial expertise in Kung Fu but also a rich tapestry of values and discipline? 

Meet Subbu Dharna, whose dreams of joining the Indian Army remained unfulfilled due to his height falling short of the required standards. However, he chose to make an everlasting mark by boldly redirecting his path, transforming himself from an aspiring Army soldier into an indomitable Shaolin Kung Fu warrior.

Residents of Hyderabad can now fulfil their aspirations of mastering the art of Shaolin Kung Fu without the need to travel to China. They have the privilege of learning from the disciple of the renowned Shifu Kanishka Sharma, who holds the distinction of being the first Indian to introduce the formidable combat art of ‘Pekiti Tirisa Kali’ to India.

Subbu Dharna, disciple of Shifu Kanishka Sharma, enjoys the exclusive authority to impart the sacred teachings of Shaolin, making it a unique and invaluable opportunity for martial arts enthusiasts in the city.

The 16-time grand champion of Indian Kung Fu accelerated his quest of mastering and embodying the sacred tenets of Shaolin Kung Fu in the year 2016, following a transformative journey to China. 

Shaolin Kung Fu, also known as Shaolin Wushu, is recognised as one of the oldest and most popular styles of Kung Fu of Chan Buddhism. This school of Buddhism stands as a major Chinese Buddhist school, tracing its roots to the revered figure Bodhidharma, who is believed to have gone there from India.

It places importance on the pursuit of Buddhahood, the ultimate spiritual aspiration within Buddhism, achieved through the enlightenment of one’s own consciousness. This profound tradition later found its way to Japan, where it became known as Zen Buddhism.

With Chan philosophy and martial arts at its core, this art form evolved within the historic Shaolin Temple located in the Henan province of Greater China during its illustrious 1,500-year history.

When asked about the exclusivity of Shaolin Kung Fu, Subbu Dharna eloquently explained, “Learning Shaolin Kung Fu is a gradual journey. Shaolin Kung Fu comprises the intricate synergy of the six vital joints in the human body - the wrists, ankles, elbows, knees, waist, and shoulders. In my teachings, I impart the authentic principle of ‘six batteries equal one battery,’ signifying the amalgamation of the energy derived from these six joints, coupled with the practice of Qigong, a harmonious blend of mental and spiritual cultivation, all of which harmoniously appears in every single movement you execute.”

Shifu Kanishka Sharma (R) is seen with his disciple
Subbu Dharna (L)

‘Profound sense of spirituality’
Shaolin Kung Fu encompasses three profound pillars. The first pillar, “chán,” embodies the spiritual teachings of Chan Buddhism, instilling not only physical strength but also inner harmony and enlightenment. The second pillar, “wu,” represents martial prowess and combat techniques that are honed through rigorous training. The third pillar, “yi,” encompasses the holistic aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu, including Buddhist artistry and the intricate knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. This pillar underscores the importance of nurturing both body and mind, promoting healing and balance.

In the journey of mastering Shaolin Kung Fu, it’s not solely about acquiring the power to fight but, more importantly, about cultivating the wisdom to apply that power judiciously, harmonising the mind, body, and spirit in a profound quest for martial excellence and spiritual growth.

The Shaolin temple in Chintal, Hyderabad, serves as an exceptional haven, not only for remarkable Kung Fu martial artists but also for individuals with disabilities. “I don’t believe in any such thing called disability. If any one of your body parts is dysfunctional, the other can be strengthened.”

“Shaolin has helped me achieve a profound sense of spirituality, a transformation that extends far beyond the practice mat and pervades every facet of my daily existence,” says Vajraksh Bharadwaj, a disciple of Subbu Dharna, who is presently working in Amazon. Subbu Dharna’s Shaolin Kung Fu quest could lead him to becoming a monk, where he intends to abandon worldly possessions and share his wisdom with future generations. 

Anyone interested in learning the art of Shaolin Kung Fu can contact +91 98660 64272.

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