YVU professor Dr K Lalitha on a mission to promote mental health awareness

The stalwart counsellor, Dr Lalitha, has been providing counselling for mental health issues for over 15 years.
Dr K Lalitha
Dr K Lalitha

KADAPA: Through her advocacy, counselling services, and academic contributions, Dr K Lalitha, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Yogi Vemana University (YVU), has been making significant strides in promoting mental health awareness and well-being in Kadapa and beyond.

The stalwart counsellor, Dr Lalitha, has been providing counselling for mental health issues for over 15 years. With a robust academic background including an MSc and PhD in Psychology from Sri Venkateswara University, along with PG diplomas in Gerontology and Counseling, Dr Lalitha is striving to understand and address the societal changes leading to mental health challenges.

In light of the rising concerns surrounding mental well-being, she emphasises the impact of factors such as industrialisation, urbanisation, and the pervasive influence of technology on mental health. Recent tragic incidents underscore the urgency of the matter, prompting Dr Lalitha to stress the importance of seeking counselling and professional help at the onset of mental health issues.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr Lalitha serves in various capacities including coordinator of Women’s Cell, director of Counselling and Guidance Cell, and coordinator of the Social Incubation Centre at Yogi Vemana University. She extends her expertise to Central Jail, Kadapa, and the Psychology Centre at CP Brown Library, demonstrating her commitment to community well-being. An active participant in seminars, conferences, and webinars, Dr Lalitha aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and strategies for addressing them. Her contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic further exemplify her commitment towards supporting mental health across the State.

Recognised for her exemplary work, Dr Lalitha has received numerous awards, including the Mid career Women Gerontologist Award (Varanasi) and the Andhra Pradesh Scientist Award 2017 for her contributions in the field of Social Science. Her research interests, spanning elderly mental health and cognitive ageing, underscore her multifaceted approach to addressing mental health challenges in society.

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