‘Poorna: Most  inspiring biopic’

Actor-filmmaker Rahul Bose speaks about returning to direction after 16 years, and explains why Poorna’s story is one that needs to be told
pics: vinay madapu
pics: vinay madapu

HYDERABAD: One of the most talented, yet underrated actors of our generation, Rahul Bose, has now taken over the director’s seat with the upcoming film Poorna: Courage has no limit. The film’s Wikipedia page would have you believe that this is Rahul’s directorial debut. However, the actor reveals that his first film as a director was Everybody Says I’m Fine in 2001.

“Sixteen years ago, when I made Everybody Says I’m Fine, I said that I love acting and I cannot think of a life without acting but I love direction more,” he shares, with a smile.

Given that it’s been so long since he last directed a film, Rahul admits that there’s been a sea of change in filmmaking, especially with the digital medium and VFX now being available to filmmakers today. 

“In these years, I have had the chance to work with a lot of directors. Some are good, some are not so good. I’ve observed how they deal with their actors, and how they deal with the crew. Some do it well, some don’t. So I have learnt what I should do and what I shouldn’t do,” he points out. Interestingly, Rahul Bose was initially supposed to act in Poorna, and not direct the film. 

“I was asked to act in it and then I asked the writer if they have enough funds to make the film. He said no. So I decided to raise the funds myself.  Direction happened organically,” he explains, before adding, “I did it caus

e it’s a great story that deserves to be told. Poorna is the most inspiring biopic I have read in my life.”
The crew of Poorna shot in extreme conditions to make it look authentic and Rahul admits that it was a bit challenging. 

“For the Everest part, we shot at 15,000 ft in Sikkim in January, thigh-deep in snow at a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius. For us it was like a trek in itself. To go from 45 degrees Celsius to -15 degrees Celsius was crazy,” shares the 49-year-old.

But having gone through all that trouble to shoot for Poorna, Rahul is a satisfied man ahead of its release. “It’s very satisfying because this story needs to be told. What it means to be a girl, what it means to be poor and slightly uneducated. Imagine that the place that she comes from has no hill, no mountain nothing. It’s flat. These extraordinary set of circumstances that she surmounted to go on top of the world, this fills me with an enormous sense of pride,” beams the actor-filmmaker.

The real Poorna Malavath has also played a huge part in the making of this film and spent about a week with the crew. 

“I sat down with her and told her the entire script. She watched the shooting for a bit and even travelled with us for a  bit. But she hasn’t watched the film. Today finally, Poorna is going to see Poorna. So we are all excited to see what Poorna is going to think of it,” he adds, with a smile. 
Poorna: Courage has no limit features Aditi Inamdar in the lead and will hit screens on March 31.

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