Embracing childhood nostalgia

CE chats with prominent singer Geetha Madhuri about her childhood days at school as she graced Toon Fest 2023 at Orchids The International School.
Renowned playback singer Geetha Madhuri, (Photo | Express)
Renowned playback singer Geetha Madhuri, (Photo | Express)

HYDERABAD: Cartoons hold a cherished place in our childhood memories, and no matter how much we age, revisiting them remains a joyful experience. Orchids The International School recently hosted Toon Fest 2023, recognizing this timeless connection to our youth. Renowned playback singer Geetha Madhuri graced the event as the chief guest, emphasizing the importance of these cartoons in our lives.

Dr Kavita Nagpal, VP of Academics at Orchids, highlighted the significance of the fest, stating, “Toons serve as a nostalgic reminder of our childhood. As adults, we still find delight in them. This festival aims to rejuvenate our cherished memories while aiding our students in socializing and honing their extracurricular skills.”

Geetha Madhuri, in an exclusive interaction, expressed her thoughts on the fest, saying, “The Orchids Toon Fest breathes life into beloved cartoons. Extracurricular activities are integral to a child’s development, and equally vital alongside academics. They foster a competitive spirit and playfulness.”

Regarding the fest’s impact on children’s growth, she added, “Events like these instill a sporting attitude in kids. Embracing wins and losses is a crucial life lesson, preparing them for the realities they’ll face as future citizens. It significantly contributes to character-building and nurturing kindness.”

Reflecting on her own school days and involvement in extracurriculars, she shared, “My talent found expression through these activities, paving the way for my career in singing. Participation in various competitions allowed me to discover my strengths.”

Nostalgic about her school experiences, she reminisced, “I vividly recall engaging in diverse competitions — elocution, singing, dancing. Our school encouraged participation, revealing our unique talents and enabling us to refine them, fostering personal growth.”

Offering motivational advice to students, she emphasized, “Respect and gratitude towards parents and teachers are fundamental. Cultivate humility, honesty, kindness, and diligence, for these qualities shape your destiny.”

Geetha Madhuri’s insights and reminiscences underscore the pivotal role of extracurriculars in shaping young minds and character development, resonating with the school’s commitment to holistic education.

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