Embracing democracy

CE gets in touch with first-time voters from the city who are gearing up to cast their votes in the upcoming Telangana Legislative Assembly elections about their expectations.
Image used for illustrative purposes. (Express illustrations)
Image used for illustrative purposes. (Express illustrations)

HYDERABAD:  Voting is a fundamental right, offering us the chance to select our leaders thoughtfully. There’s a unique thrill in experiencing something for the first time, and casting your vote is an unforgettable moment. Sharing this sense of responsibility by posting on social media or discussing it with loved ones adds depth to the experience. As Election Day draws near, connecting with first-time voters reveals their excitement about participating in the democratic process.

Voting for corruption-free governance

Dr Sourothi Manisha (BPT) - 22 years

“I am excited about utilising the powerful tool to elect the government that comes with a proper vision for state development and its people. I will be casting my vote for the first time. The current situation of the state is not up to the mark and as per our expectations. I am looking forward to the betterment of the society and corruption-free governance. Parties should not allure people with freebies but the schemes which enhance the standards of living should be encouraged. Schemes should have a vision of development, and create a sense of security, empowerment and sustainability. These are my priorities for voting this time. I wish schemes would reach poor people. I want to raise my voice against the discrimination physiotherapists face. The salary is quite low compared to the physical work that we do. I request the government selected by our people and ready to rule to look into this point as well.”

Hope through vote

Amar Agarwal, Student - 21 years

“I used to consider voting to be useless as I was of the opinion that a single vote could not bring much change. But now, I find value in it as it brings hope. I am really excited to vote now. The election in the state almost looks like a celebration. I do find it interesting but at the same time, I have also noticed a lot of traffic due to many rallies. So, I have mixed feelings for it as traffic is always annoying.”

Choosing the best

Kunamalla Arun, Teacher - 22 years

“I am not excited, but it is essential to think before voting. My feeling is casual now but on Election Day I might feel excited as it is my first time. Based on the current condition I couldn’t predict what will happen in this election. Maybe, there will be a good competition between BRS and BJP in some constituencies but it is very interesting to listen to their funny conversations during this time. Let us see what would be the result.”

Getting out the best for the first time

Kolla Sudheer Kumar, Assistant Mechanical Engineer - 23 years

“Since it is my first time voting, I have no clue how the polling booth functions, however, the intimation and SMS alerts given through the government are convenient in locating the centres. Hoping to have a smooth process and excited to cast my first vote. Making a change in leadership or electing our leader is a big thing. All the political parties are giving in their best to reach out to every corner of the state. I am also trying to take an opportunity to work for a nearby polling centre on election day if at all possible, so that I can have an experience in volunteering during the polling process.”

Excited to know about politics

Y Sai Sushmitha, Physiotherapist - 22 years

“I was very excited to cast my vote for the first time, finally the day is coming. I am happy and proud to utilise my power to vote. I barely knew what politics was and which party existed. I did not know what the majority was. Now I am involved and know all about it. I am happy to share my excitement. The current situation is very good, the hot topic of the state is elections and all the leaders are busy with their campaigning and also giving out promises to people about what further developments they will be doing. This is all new for me, it is my first experience to know about politics and gain some knowledge regarding societal conditions. I feel that whatever the leaders are promising now they have to implement them. I am excited to know who will get the majority and who will be the next chief minister of the state.”

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