Suri has experimented with a different approach in 'Bad Manners'

Amri, the writer, says that she acknowledges a significant shift in approach between Suri’s previous works and the process of making Bad Manners.
Amri and Suri.
Amri and Suri.

Suri, who introduced Amri as the writer and screenwriter for the film Popcorn Monkey Tiger, has taken on a bigger role in his upcoming film, Bad Manners. The film starring Abishek Ambareesh, Rachita Ram, and Priyankar Kumar, has Amri assuming multiple roles—she’s contributing as a writer, and screenwriter alongside Suri and Surendranath, and collaborating on dialogues with Maasti.

“I entered the film world seeking solace. My passion for writing and photography led me away from academics. After much effort, Suri became my mentor,” shares Amri, adding, “After Popcorn Monkey Tiger, Bad Manners marked my start in scriptwriting, giving me more responsibilities and honing my writing skills. I gradually became involved in the production too,” says Amri. The film produced by KM Sudhir has Shekar as its DOP. It is slated to release on November 24.

As a female writer venturing into action films in Suri’s style, Amri reflects, “Wandering Bengaluru’s streets during my college days, I absorbed countless experiences, connecting with street stories. Photography and meeting people helped bridge my understanding of people and stories, aligning with Suri’s style.”

Mastering filmmaking is a challenge. “I analyze movies by writing about them. Watching Uppi’s films like A and Upendra writing how the story unfolds, aided my learning. I told Suri about this approach, and he was impressed—it’s one of the tools he uses too,” she says.

Adapting to Suri’s corrections during scriptwriting was crucial for Amri, the writer says, that she acknowledges a significant shift in approach between Suri’s previous works and the process of making Bad Manners, and has experimented with a different approach in creating the actioner, indicating a learning curve. “The collaborative process involved brainstorming and crafting ideas as a cohesive unit, with input from Surendranath,” she notes. Amri loves action films and admires Suri’s work in Junglee, envisioning herself moving towards such genres.

Looking forward, Amri desires to direct films eventually. “I’ve written several scripts and sought guidance from Suri. Though directing isn’t immediate, I aim to work as a technician and handle things behind the camera,” she concludes.

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