Eight must-read books by female authors this women's week

Here are 8 remarkable books written by women who contributed to the Indian literature.
Eight must-read books by female authors this women's week

A woman is always questioned in society and each time she has proved herself stronger with flying colours. In the world of literature, female authors have made major contributions through their writing and creative skills. Here are 8 remarkable books written by women who contributed to the Indian literature.

1. How to plan your travel Abroad by Suejata London

This book is particularly useful for any traveller travelling abroad as it gives a lot of information on shortlisting tour operators, dealing with incompetent agents, flights, customs, quarantines, safety measures, luggage sizes, things to take etc. It talks about the whole planning process from an individual's point of view. Whether you want to travel for work, study, business or leisure, you definitely will find useful information before you embark on the journey.

2. Time and Tide By Dr Sona Sharma

Time and Tide, a thrilling journey through time as myth becomes truth is a ‘science meets mythology’ fiction novel. It has been described by readers as a fast-paced thriller with an intriguing plot and a crisp narration. It traces the story of two individuals living in two different eras who seem to be bound by a common destiny.

Samvardhana is grappling with insecurities and failure while trying to hold his place at the helm of DWN – the conglomerate his highly successful father has built. His journey takes an exciting turn as he stands at the crossroads of his life. Only time will tell if he will be sucked into the inevitable loop of possibilities or will somehow find a way out. It is all in his hands. Or is it?

3. A Slice of Life: Every Person Has a Story By Smita Das Jain

The Book is a fictional potpourri of extraordinary narratives of ordinary people who have more to their everyday lives beneath the surface, these stories reflect myriad hues of human behaviour. A perfect blend of humour, love and nostalgia, It's a collection of 18 wonderful stories, organised in three distinct sections of Love, Humour and Relationship. Each story is amazingly written with a perfect twist by Smita Das Jain, the author of the book, who is a Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Executive Coach, Speaker, besides a writer. From a husband who makes a sacrifice that no one else does to two friends who choose their friendship above everything else, the book talks about relationships, their depth, and how we can think differently and act above stereotypes.

4. The Art of Healing: Notes for Life by Sanhita Baruah

The Art of Healing is a simplified self-help book for holistic transformation and empowerment to lead a better life ahead. It is the third and latest book of poetry and notes from the "Art of" trilogy after The Art of Grieving and The Art of Letting Go, both of which are on Amazon's bestsellers list. This book captures the phases of healing in the form of poems and notes. It is divided into three chapters - Awareness, Acceptance and Allowance to be read in the particular order. Heal from your past so that it doesn't shadow the future. Make a choice to heal from what has been hurting you to step up in life. It requires your efforts, patience, trust and time. It's a long journey but, in the end, it will be worth it as you let go of what didn't work for you and embrace what did with an open heart.

5. Marketing without Money – An essential guide by Jessie Paul

Marketing without Money is packed with tried-and-tested tools and techniques that have successfully worked. Bundled with the author's unique Branding House approach, it takes you through the process of building your brand. The book published by Bloomsbury focuses on how brands can be cost-effectively built in the current digital-driven scenario. Peppered with insights relevant for not just large and established organisations, the book has in-depth insights, practical tips and frameworks which can be used to apply effectively the concepts outlined in the book. Some key themes in the sequel to her first best-selling book of the same focus are - building a personal brand map, ways to redefine yourself for media, the role of thought leadership, communication channels for start-ups, etc.

6. One Action: Towards Women's Dreams and Ambitions by Sanya Khurana

One Action by Sanya Khurana explores the author's take on feminism and the whys and hows of The Lean In Circle she leads. The synopsis is sufficient in terms of informing what the book is about. The book has a good blend of feminism and self-help strategies for women. In this book, Sanya refers to patriarchy as a bug in human minds, which grows with age. She talks about how the Indian media, film industry, rituals and customs strengthen the bug; the effects of 'Log Kya Kahenge' Syndrome on gender roles; and how unsafe cities become a psychological barrier for women. The book aims to encourage women in every part of the country to come together and fight gender inequality.

7. Silent Murder by Nupur Luthra

The book is a suspense thriller and a first murder mystery by author Nupur Luthra. The quiet, coastal town of New York holds a secret. Nick has the perfect life working in the White House and loving with his wife Bridget. However, when he discovers that his grandfather is not who he thinks he is, things are not the same anymore. A secret about a murderer leaves Nick with some startling questions about what could have happened and is determined to find some answers. Nick is confused and yet angry. He is intrigued by his grandfather, who seems to be hiding the truth. As he looks for answers, someone from his past is back in his life. Will Nick ever find out the truth or will it remain a secret forever?

8.The Flame In My Heart by Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani

This book is a collection of Poems, Short stories, and quotes that reflect the unspoken truths and times of the author. This book is a collective reflection of comfort and pain in the most surprising of times. It talks about teenagers, mental health, being depressed, insecurities, betrayals, friends, and love in a beautiful fictional world that the author has created. Anshu Malika is a 17-year-old author, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, student, coder, winner of numerous awards in the categories like social work, writing, coding, information technology & marathon runner. The book is an exploration of a teenager, her thoughts while finding herself in a world that's constantly telling everyone what to be and what is acceptable.

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