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The writ power of Shakti and Vishnu

I am a bad writer, insists author Ashwin Sanghi. What I’m good at is story telling, says the author whose latest offering is The Vault of Vishnu.

published : 23 May 2020

Time Pass with Ashwin Sanghi | 'What I am good at is storytelling'

Prolific author Ashwin Sanghi, during The New Indian Express webinar Timepass, went on to let on that "I've been working on two projects" in the midst of the COVID lockdown. More below.

published : 22 May 2020

Romance of the railways

There is something romantic about long train journeys.

published : 21 May 2020

Revisiting history, differently

Inspired  from the extensive Indian history and civilisation, is a new book titled Sutradhar by debut author Ratul Chakraborty.

published : 19 May 2020

'A Woven Life' book review: A looming memoir

The narrative weaves together many disparate elements from an eventful life that covers London to Kashmir

published : 17 May 2020

'A Ballad of Remittent Fever' book review: Saga of courage and healing

At a time when the whole world is learning to tackle a pandemic that even as we speak has altered much of life as we know it, A Ballad of Remittent Fever resonates deeply with all of us.

published : 17 May 2020

'Akbar: The Great Mughal' book review| The greatest among them all

While Emperor Akbar is the focus, there is also an insight into the personalities of some of the other leading courtiers of the Mughal era.

published : 10 May 2020

'Destination Wedding' book review: The land of contradictions

Bestselling author Diksha Basu has clearly written this book for an international readership as for someone who has lived in India, the sight of people sleeping on sidewalks is hardly rare.

published : 10 May 2020

'Predators and  Prey' book review: A Thrilling Ride

Venkat, a scientist of Indian origin in the US, finds that NSA, his employer, has been systematically spying on the Indian who’s who.

published : 10 May 2020

Why men rape? Book by Tara Kaushal seeks to find answers

Commissioning editor Ananya Borgohain says this is a "rather unsettling book which will make you stand still, flummoxed, trying to grasp how our society functions".

published : 09 May 2020

The COVID-19 story: This new book dissects the pandemic along with its growing stigma

The Coronavirus: What you Need to Know about the Global Pandemic, that he co-authored with Dr Swapneil Parikh and clinical psychologist Maherra Desai.

published : 09 May 2020

Fifty shades of fearlessness: A remarkable ode to Pakistan's feminist icons

The book comes at a time when Pakistani women are raising their voices to reclaim the public space through protests and marches. 

published : 06 May 2020

Books making a COVID-19 comeback

The words pandemic, lockdown, and quarantine have become an integral part of our vocabulary, thanks to the coronavirus.

published : 06 May 2020

I cannot write in solitude, says Delhi-based author Bulbul Sharma

Delhi-based Bulbul Sharma has authored My Sainted Aunts, The Perfect Woman, Now that I am Fifty among others.

published : 03 May 2020

The Witcher: Into a world of magic

The Witcher series stormed the Polish fantasy scene before establishing its fandom across the globe.

published : 03 May 2020