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True Blue     

The supremely readable novel totters precariously between science, superstition, mythology and history.

published : 22 May 2022

‘I’ve Redefined What Success Means to Me’   

Actor, writer and comedian Lilly Singh speaks to Smitha Verma about her latest book, the pressures of being a celebrity and future plans.

published : 22 May 2022

Chronicling the Everyday

The first tale in Ganga’s Choice & Other Stories, Vaasanthi’s anthology translated from Tamil, begins with a sense that something is amiss.

published : 22 May 2022

Blood bag pioneer pens tale of compelling tech

Retired scientist C S B Nair has put into a book his vast experience as a trailblazer in the development of blood bags in India, reports AATHIRA HARIDAS

published : 15 May 2022

Love in the Time of Bigotry

The novel is crucial now more than ever to help us ponder over what we’re fighting for and what we’re wasting our energy on .

published : 15 May 2022

Weaving a Spell

A surreal and haunting collection of stories of women from the Northeast

published : 15 May 2022

Subaltern Tales

The average reader is perhaps unaware that being published is a privilege not quite equitably distributed.

published : 15 May 2022

'Roy's Noisy Secret' book review: Of messy emotions and sticky situations

And until this distress is allowed to be expressed, it tends to grow — just like that sense of dread in the pit of your stomach.

published : 09 May 2022

Decoding image and word

A collection of essays by BN Goswamy that is testimony to the art historian’s luscious prose and encyclopaedic knowledge

published : 08 May 2022

‘I was at the right place at the right time’  

British-Indian writer, playwright and screenwriter Farrukh Dhondy speaks to Smitha Verma about his latest memoir, journalistic career and OTT venture

published : 08 May 2022

A creativity gospel

If there is one universal goal, it is to be successful. Being creative is a close second.

published : 08 May 2022

Simply solomon

Padma Shri recipient Solomon Pappaiah discusses his latest work on Akananur, evolution of Pattimandram, and the importance of taking Tamil to youngsters

published : 05 May 2022

‘My mother and I have not always had the easiest of relationships’

My sisters live abroad. My mother was living alone. For years, I begged and pleaded with her to move in with me, but she always declined.

published : 04 May 2022

The Golden Book of Tagore

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? Falling in love with a book is like discovering your best friend.

published : 04 May 2022

A space to preserve literary legacy

Known to be one of the oldest establishments in Delhi, JM Jaina & Brothers has remained a part of this quarter for the last 94 years.

published : 03 May 2022