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Love like a thorn

Meera’s language is lush and rich with metaphor, often going back to images and memories to extend their meaning for the characters.

published : 5 hours ago

Daakroom-The Letter Writing Carnival: Putting pen to paper

An attempt to reintroduce children to the dying art of letter writing

published : 16 Nov 2019

Ruskin Bond's stories to come alive as audiobooks in his own voice

Chapter books are a format where previously published short stories are broken into shorter chapters to make reading easy for young readers.

published : 15 Nov 2019

Ash In The Sky: Revisiting the art of romantic lyricism

Noted bureaucrats, including Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik, economist Dr Devesh Roy, filmmaker Siddharth Gigoo, among others were present on the occasion.

published : 14 Nov 2019

India’s tales made interesting by author Devika Cariapa

The author feels that it’s the responsibility of the writer to keep the children interested in relevant and topical issues.

published : 14 Nov 2019

Malayalam writer chases the child’s tale

Kollam-based writer Sreejith Perumthachan’s new book is filled with stories of innocence.

published : 14 Nov 2019

Kochi International Book Festival to begin on November 29

More than 300 publishers from all over the nation will be participating in the event..

published : 14 Nov 2019

Shine on: Tinkle and its evergreen stars

As Savio Mascarenhas completes 25 years with Tinkle, he tells us how art directors keep upgrading their characters with time.

published : 13 Nov 2019

Lithuanian author-illustrator duo Jurga Vile and Lina Itagaki sketch history via graphic novel for kids

The author, who was present that the Bangalore Literature Festival, told the story inspired by her father’s life and her grandmother’s diary from the time when Lithuania was occupied by Soviet Union.

published : 13 Nov 2019

The wondrous joy of public libraries

I was pleasantly surprised to find a poster advertising a library on the roads a few days back. Library periods were my favourite back in school.

published : 13 Nov 2019

Excerpts: ‘Lakshmi is a restless goddess’

In temples, the gods are bedecked with gold and jewels. In rituals, we use pots overflowing with food to represent abundance.

published : 13 Nov 2019

INTERVIEW| Fear defines horror and the reader must be able to perceive that: Author Hari Kumar K

The author's last published book India’s Most Haunted is a compilation of 50 horror short stories.

published : 13 Nov 2019

Gangster-turned-writer Agni Sreedhar’s second book cover unveiled at Bengaluru lit fest

The Gangster Gita is an English version of the Kannada crime novel, Edegarike.

published : 13 Nov 2019

Penguin Classics Festival for the win

From catering to committed reading communities to curating literary festivals — Elda Rotor, vice president of Penguin Classics discusses what it takes to run a publishing house in the digital era.

published : 12 Nov 2019

Keshava Guha's debut novel channels Harry Potter nostalgia

Published by HarperCollins India, 'Accidental Magic' is the story of four very different people whose lives are brought together by Harry Potter.

published : 12 Nov 2019