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The Battle for Pakistan: The Bitter US Friendship and a Tough Neighbourhood

The latest addition to the ever-growing list of treatises on US-Pak engagement also tries to shed light on the path forward

published : 02 Feb 2020

Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center

The Morning Standard speaks to Yutsha Dahal, one of researchers of the project.

published : 01 Feb 2020

Singing Gandhi’s India: Exploring the role of music in Gandhi’s life

Lakshmi Subramanian’s book Singing Gandhi’s India is perhaps the first-ever detailed account
of Mahatma Gandhi and music in India

published : 31 Jan 2020

The Untold  stories 

Stories Curator Meena Vari talks about the exhibition The Sundry Effect: The stories we are… and the idea behind it

published : 31 Jan 2020

'Finally free!': Asia Bibi talks about life in exile, Pakistan prison in new book

Bibi was sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by a Pakistani court in 2010 but then dramatically acquitted in 2018.

published : 30 Jan 2020

Jaipur Literature Festival: The book hunter

One day, nearly 600 years ago, Bracciolini, who was in his late 30s took a book off the shelf that he found in a monastery, probably in southern Germany.

published : 28 Jan 2020

Penning a book on ‘corruption dharma’

Over the course of her life, Rao has served in multiple capacities for both the Government of Karnataka and India.

published : 28 Jan 2020

Weaving tales of handwoven fabrics

A social conversation about India in foreign countries often involves the country’s ‘spicy’ food, its large population, or the booming IT sector.

published : 27 Jan 2020

Untangling the roots

In the 70s Neel Kamal stood tall, newly built, recently white-washed, the greenery around it sun-dappled and dewed, home to a family of four.

published : 26 Jan 2020

2019 DSC Prize-winner Amitabha Bagchi on writing a ‘political book’

The 2019 DSC Prize-winner talks about writing a ‘political book’ and the literary influences that have shaped his work

published : 26 Jan 2020

82-year-old Bengalurean turns saviour of the sightless with his audiobooks

An 82-year-old Bengaluru man has, for the last two decades, been helping the blind learn through his audiobooks

published : 26 Jan 2020

'Kashmir Bahiranga Cherasala' tells the aftermath of repeal of Article 370

Speaking on the occasion, renowned Kashmiri journalist Gowhar Geelani narrated how communication networks were suspended in Kashmir.

published : 25 Jan 2020

Not just a literary impresario, but a writer first: Namita Gokhale at Jaipur Literature Festival

Namita Gokhale, who works hard on literature festivals around the word, working on the programming for the offshoot festivals, leaves her with limited time to write. 

published : 25 Jan 2020

The Dutch House: American author talks about 'going back to books'

The Dutch House is the story of Danny and Maeve Conroy, a brother and sister who grow up in a fantastically beautiful and elaborate mansion outside of Philadelphia.

published : 25 Jan 2020