Fashion News

A fashion soiree on the lawns of  Sunder Nursery

As part of the two-day festival, FDCI organised a fashion presentation featuring over 20 style gurus.

published : 09 Dec 2019

Score high on style quotient this wedding season without any compromise

There are a few things that can be done to add to the allure of a wedding, and to make sure there is no chance of dying from hypothermia.

published : 09 Dec 2019

Stumping around

As more and more landscape designers move towards sustainable gardening ideas that embrace recycling and reusing, stumperies are fast catching the fancy of gardeners across the globe.

published : 08 Dec 2019

Travellers’ tales

Nicobar introduces a range of trinkets that are an ode to journeys and memories.

published : 08 Dec 2019

European chic at your doorstep

Looking beyond the big labels, Aisha Saraf Kothari brings lesser known but extremely creative European design talent to Indian shoppers through her website, Aispi.

published : 08 Dec 2019

Two nations set to flaunt local crafts

It will showcase over 100 hand-picked exhibitors, including master craftsmen, fashion retailers, exporters, women entrepreneurs and retailers of languishing crafts. 

published : 06 Dec 2019

On the path to revive crafts in the Kashmir Valley

Bashir emphasised on the diminishing number of people pursuing crafts in the Valley, which has also resulted in a decline in various craft forms.

published : 02 Dec 2019

100 Good Karma: 10 Chairs of commitment for a cause

Titled 10 Chairs, the installation project in the capital city has brought forth a statement artwork.

published : 02 Dec 2019

Live big in a small space

Find out how you can make your apartment feel spacious and welcoming with some intelligent solutions that are ideal for small space living.

published : 01 Dec 2019

This wedding season, step-up your hair game!

Floral hairstyles and buns have been in trend for some time now. Few easy ways to style your look with flowers can be a roundup bun with a gajra or seasonal flowers or a hint of delicate flowers withi

published : 29 Nov 2019

Delhi-based start-up AARK World acquires Flyrobe, to launch 15 stores over the next one year

The company said that with its aggressive expansion plan, the fashion rental start-up hopes to reach profitability within a year.

published : 28 Nov 2019

‘Handloom fabric should be rich with prints and colours’

In the tribal hamlets, there is a hand-embroidery art which richly uses the motifs of animals. Hyderabad-based fashion designer Lalita Choudhary who has taken a fancy to it is trying to learn it.

published : 27 Nov 2019

Free bird

With over 1,51,000 followers on Instagram and an evergrowing online presence, the label that deals with handwoven, block printed apparel and drapes isn’t a regular at pop-ups and exhibitions.

published : 24 Nov 2019

Form and function: This winter wear collection may be all you need

From comfy Sherpa hoodies and classic block colour tees to super-soft lined elite joggers and camo cargo pants, this collection will ease you back into the reality of a new season.

published : 24 Nov 2019

The India modern idiom

Tahiliani Homes creates contemporary spaces steeped in the techniques and traditions of our craftspeople.

published : 24 Nov 2019