Food News

Spirit of summer

Ah, the temperature is rising and summer is definitely upon us here in Bengaluru.

published : 08 May 2021

Made with love 

This Mother’s Day, don those aprons and let mum know how special she is with a sweet token of appreciation

published : 08 May 2021

Just chillin’ with the mango mania

The month of May is synonymous with the luscious and juicy mangoes that come in all shapes and sizes.

published : 06 May 2021

The richness of ragi

Ragi, commonly known as finger millet, derives its name from the appearance of the head of the grain comprising five spikes, and thus resembling our five fingers.

published : 05 May 2021

'Lyfe' made simple and sustainable

Helping residents in this endeavour is entrepreneur Jignesh Pujara, owner of Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro.

published : 04 May 2021

Mind the Snacks: How Yummiano changes trend of snacking

Vipul Gambhir found more time than he knew what to do with, tying up with a third-generation traditional snacks manufacturer and a sales expert to launch the brand.

published : 02 May 2021

Sweet and sour: Sourdough specialists make baking look easy

Through their virtual workshops, sourdough specialists Dr Kasturi Neil Sonalkar and Megha Ruparel Datany teach how to bake simple, healthy and classic loaves 

published : 02 May 2021

Samosawala from Google: How The Bohri Kitchen fights the pandemic

The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai is fighting the pandemic to protect the ancient culinary heritage of a small Gujarati trading community.

published : 02 May 2021

Door-To-Door: Here is a list of Delhi-NCR's best burger delivery services

While we do that, here are five of Delhi- NCR’s best burger delivery joints, who promise a delicious, and safe, meal in our homes.

published : 01 May 2021

Feast after Fast

Iftar get-togethers may not be possible this year but here are some simple snack ideas, tried and tested by city home chefs, that you can break your fast with

published : 01 May 2021

In high (and sweet) spirits

One often has to decide whether or not to serve dessert after dinner.

published : 01 May 2021

Bland, but not dead

Ever since the pandemic broke out, all we’ve been hearing and reading about is immunity-boosting foods to help our bodies fight the virus.

published : 29 Apr 2021

New York to New Delhi

This new delivery-only at present model (thanks Corona), has been brought to the Capital of India from the world’s cultural capital, New York, courtesy The Halal Guys.

published : 29 Apr 2021

A scoopy, slurpy rescue

These home chefs have some of the most delicious means of tackling this annual woe from the inside out.

published : 29 Apr 2021

From the Nizami Kitchen

Dilnaz hails from Hyderabad, the land of the best biryanis. A connoisseur of Hyderabadi cuisine, she comes with culinary wisdom that chronicles the history of Nizams.

published : 29 Apr 2021