Food News

Delhi's Impresario restaurants return to the fold

It’s always lovely to meet old friends, even if the circumstances are unprecedented.

published : 23 Sep 2020

Perfect weather for hot grills

As it was a clear evening with a slight cool breeze last Saturday, we decided on a table on the patio.

published : 19 Sep 2020

Tossing treats at 12

Afnaan Ahmed’s quarantine baby — Afnaan’s Kitchen — serves uniquely flavoured pizzas that you can polish off with a side of Mexican coffee buns

published : 17 Sep 2020

Make these 'halwas' at home to boost your immunity

As we slowly step into the autumn equinox and the days get cooler, the body craves for food items that can be stored in the tissues to be utilised for the sunnier seasons.

published : 16 Sep 2020

Smooth sailing 

One thing led to another and Aashti soon found herself dropping animal-based products from her meals four years ago.

published : 16 Sep 2020

The power of powders

The venture has an FSSAI certification and will soon include traditional snacks, pickles and beverages in its menu.

published : 15 Sep 2020

A Michelin plate that redefines the Indian palate

Growing up, Sharma dabbled in culinary experimentation before going on to graduate with a culinary diploma from Udaipur in 1991.

published : 13 Sep 2020

Artificial Intelligence and the future of food industry

AI is turning out to be a big influencer in the gastronomic sector 

published : 13 Sep 2020

Don't discard the peels and seeds! Here are some ways to turn them delectable

Take a gander at the chopping board next time you decide to discard peels and seeds of vegetables and fruits. There’s so much you can do with them. 

published : 13 Sep 2020

Here's what you need to make tangy apple crumble

Ingredients and Method...

published : 13 Sep 2020

From trouble to table

chef harangad singh on finding opportunity inthe middle of chaos

published : 12 Sep 2020

Cash prizes for plant based meat-substitutes

Applications are now open to Indian plant-based startups, businesses, restaurants, researchers, and students.

published : 11 Sep 2020

A date with dates

Entrepreneur-cum-friends Jatin Krishna and Lazar Thomas share a similar dislike for dates available in the local markets.

published : 10 Sep 2020

Saving the sweet taste of mithais amid COVID-19 pandemic

The vintage shop is famous for its Habshi Halwa, Sona Halwa, and Shahi Tukda mithais. But patrons of these distinct mithais decreased in the pandemic.

published : 09 Sep 2020

Ticket to great taste

Meet this Train Ticket Examiner turned vlogger who is gaining the spotlight online for her cooking skills

published : 09 Sep 2020