Food News

Eat and make friends

Food platform Conosh has been helping home chefs tide over pandemic problems.

published : 24 Oct 2020

The subtle art of Idli

While historian Edward Anderson tweeted last week, 'Idlis are the most boring things in the world', obviously he doesn’t know any better.

published : 18 Oct 2020

Food bytes: Recipes from around the globe

Here is the recipe of Apple Berry Crumble requiring Washington apples, rolled oats and frozen mixed berries.

published : 18 Oct 2020

Cancer and diet: What’s the connection?

In fact, estimates suggest that less than 30% of a person’s lifetime risk of getting cancer results from uncontrollable factors.

published : 17 Oct 2020

Here’s to heirloom recipes

Naqsh, a cloud-kitchen, offers taste of old family recipes through an array of Hyderabadi desserts

published : 17 Oct 2020

Feast to celebrate

Dressing up for Garba or pandal hopping may not be an option this year. But chefs in the city are a busy lot as they ensure that festive special treats are not compromised on

published : 17 Oct 2020

Business man’s lunch: Sarthak Gahlaut talks about redefining dining space in Indian workplaces

With Feastly, Gahlaut, 31, hopes to evoke a paradigm shift; operating out what is perhaps the largest modular commercial kitchen in Delhi- NCR

published : 16 Oct 2020

Flavours from around the world

We are as excited as you are to savour new offerings from Kochi Marriott Hotel’s new Executive Chef Rounak

published : 15 Oct 2020

Batter banter

Idli is not just food but a heritage, a culinary legacy, believes homechef Priyanka Golikeri, who is the founder of Flour & Herbs.

published : 15 Oct 2020

Food for thought

We all know the importance of nutrition in our lives but it is essential more so for school going children 
(6-12 years).

published : 15 Oct 2020

Bee Young: India hops abroad with its first strong craft beer

In September 2019, Kimaya Himalayan started brewing at an investment of Rs 15 cr and is now worth Rs 25 cr in just one year despite the industry being out of sales for a few months due to pandemic.

published : 14 Oct 2020

Bundt bandit in town

While initially the bundt cake was the only item on the menu, soon, Prachi began experimenting with different flavours and sizes.

published : 13 Oct 2020

All about an idli: British professor's tweet sparks not so 'boring' debate

Paired mostly with coconut chutney, sambhar and some spicy gunpowder soaked in ghee, the idli moved from the accounts of thousands of Twitter users to media outlets.

published : 11 Oct 2020

How sustainable is sustainable?

Charmed by chic food lingo, shoppers and diners are rushing to consume fresh and eat healthy. Beware, under that perfect ice rocket leaf may lurk a soupçon of phosphorous.

published : 11 Oct 2020

What’s common between Mexico and India? A meal

Mexico and India have a shared love for food and all things spice.

published : 11 Oct 2020