Food News

Unwinding together

Neeti and Sushant Chopra on how their friendship organically grew into love, led them to open a business and now start a family

published : 09 Aug 2020

Dynamic mantra for online food

Spearheading a new venture in Delhi called Makery are siblings Tarika and Rishiv Khattar, who also co-founded the tech start-up, Old Fashioned Technology.

published : 09 Aug 2020

Maharani Gin: All hail the queen

A Malayali-Irish gin has taken social media by storm. with its co-founder Bhagya Lekshmi unravelling the stories that have made Maharani Gin a hit.

published : 09 Aug 2020

This Telangana painter connects with viewers instantly with perfect renditions of Indian food

Hyper-realistic artist from Secunderabad Sarasvathy TK is connecting with viewers through her mouthwatering renditions.

published : 09 Aug 2020

Brunches, Beer and Bonhomie

Take a break from cooking, and feast in style at home over a lazy, indulgent weekend brunch, made by star hotels.

published : 08 Aug 2020

‘We never became unfamiliar to our heritage, says 'The Indic Quotient' author Kaninika Mishra

Kaninika Mishra’s The Indic Quotient (Bloomsbury India) celebrates the passionate endeavours of Indians on a quest to reclaim the country’s ancient knowledge systems and cultural heritage.

published : 07 Aug 2020

From a pampered brat to a foodpreneur 

I dropped out of school at the age of 14 when I was diagnosed with dyslexia.

published : 04 Aug 2020

Restaurateurs come out with DIY meal kits with step-by-step instructions to make your favourites at home

Each DIY Deli includes a selection of our best mains and desserts. The kits allow people to cook without going through the trouble of procuring the ingredients.

published : 02 Aug 2020

For better and batter

Pastry chef Anna Polyviou’s time during the lockdown can be best summed up with cooking and more cooking.

published : 01 Aug 2020

Why dining out may not be on whim

These past few months, the pandemic has led to unprecedented disruption in the food and beverage industry.

published : 01 Aug 2020

There’s a new juice truck in town

Bella Ciao is yet to be associated with Zomato or Swiggy. But they deliver to most areas in Chennai through their own delivery fleet.

published : 28 Jul 2020

Sweet nothings: India's first vegan eco-friendly range of chocolate is here

Nitin L Chordia talks about the making of India’s first vegan chocolate, Kocoatrait, and its presence in Delhi-NCR.

published : 27 Jul 2020

European High

European countries have been known as the old world wine countries, with wine production in the continent dating back almost four millennia.

published : 26 Jul 2020

Apple Oats Crumble

published : 26 Jul 2020

Power the Protein Push 

Only three percent of India’s population understands the prominent functions of the nutrient. What does this lead to? 

published : 26 Jul 2020