Food News

A slice of home, delivered

The pandemic pressed pause on life as we knew it, but it also birthed enterprising home chefs, who found love in catering regional specialities

published : 05 Sep 2020

Safe home delivery of street eats of Delhi from 'Daryaganj'

Daryaganj, the restaurant that specialises in recreating those classic local foods in far more salubrious settings, has now started home delivery.

published : 01 Sep 2020

Check out these five ways to shoot Instagram-worthy grub

All you need is a phone, some food and a few pro tips to help you set off on an Instagram-worthy photographic binge.

published : 30 Aug 2020

Food Bytes: Try out this recipe for Amaretti chocolate pudding

Here's how you can whip up an Amaretti Chocolate Pudding.

published : 30 Aug 2020

History as an entrée: The story of Udupi Brinjal or Gulla

The Udupi Brinjal or Gulla is an heirloom vegetable that is hundreds of years old and also has a GI tag to protect its uniqueness.

published : 30 Aug 2020

DU student now Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘Michelin Star’

From her roots in a remote Arunachal Pradesh district, the flowers have bloomed all the way in Paris, but Liter Basar, 35, wants to harvest the fruits back home.

published : 29 Aug 2020

Onam Sadhya with a Bengali twist

While the Sadhya is an integral aspect of Onam celebrations, The Soul Company hopes to give a new spin to the age-old traditional feast.

published : 28 Aug 2020

Cashing in on web challenges

Nair adds, “The series of challenges is being operated in the open web.

published : 27 Aug 2020

Spread of Onasadhya

Home chefs are keeping the Onam spirit high despite Covid, by rustling up a sumptuous sadya, complete with  papadam, payasam  and banana leaf   

published : 27 Aug 2020

Now serving: Weekend treats

Take, for instance, Alisha da Lima Leitão’s Whattay Pao.

published : 27 Aug 2020

In search of Sadhya

With COVID-19 fears refusing to allow normalcy, Onam festivities feel the pinch.

published : 27 Aug 2020

A fistful of flavours

It’s that time of the year when sweet and savoury kozhukkattais make a mandatory visit to most of our homes.

published : 26 Aug 2020

Traditional foods for a strong body

Foods that are traditionally passed on by our ancestors that are simple and basic can be whole and nutrientrich.

published : 26 Aug 2020

From Tamil Nadu's 'Chicken 65' to Punjabi 'palak cholley', this Delhi eatery has it all on its platter

Boasting a score of restaurants across NCR, you are assured your CDH order is going to be delivered hot and fresh be you nomnoming in Noida or gorging in Gurugram, never mind Capital consumption.

published : 25 Aug 2020

It’s raining cloud kitchens

Missing restaurant food? Cloud kitchens take centre stage during the pandemic, offering an array of dishes, from chicken curry to churros

published : 25 Aug 2020