Food News

A tasteful world in your plate

Tellicherry kitchen, one of Kochi’s authentic tastemakers, is now accommodating international, fusion cuisine in their menu 

published : 11 Feb 2021

Pressure that pleases the palate

In his second book, B Ramakrishnan introduces the pressure baker and new techniques for cooking Indian dishes

published : 11 Feb 2021

Singapore Sizzle for Delhi's Belly

While Asian food in general and Chinese food in particular may rank high on Delhi’s palate, Singaporean is one cuisine that has not enjoyed much of a presence.

published : 10 Feb 2021

Classics reinvented

Starbucks’ limited edition menu curated by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor boasts Chole Paneer Kulcha and Bhuna Murgh Pie

published : 09 Feb 2021

Dim sum redone

DIM sum can be described as any of the many appetisers that accompany pot after pot of steaming green tea made so famous by Cantonese tea houses.

published : 07 Feb 2021

The flexible path to health

The flexitarian diet combines the best of both worlds—vegetarian and non-vegetarian—covering the entire range of nutrition

published : 07 Feb 2021

Let’s go live

As fine dine places usher patrons back, the open kitchen is where all the action is

published : 07 Feb 2021

Unbox a sensory treat

These are no ordinary times given the pandemic and that’s why Raghav Jaggi and Amit Bagga, the co-founders of Daryaganj restaurant in Delhi, wanted to create something extraordinary.

published : 07 Feb 2021

'Meating' the demand

​Meaning the Bawa siblings, Meherwan and Mehma, are definitely bringing home the bacon, with their company Artisan Meats.

published : 06 Feb 2021

Green signal   

Kale, spinach, bok choy and amaranth are now taking over the menu at different city restaurants. Chefs share recipes where you can load your plate with whole green goodness at home  

published : 06 Feb 2021

A culinary dream in the making

After a personal tragedy, Kochi native Maria Bennan bounced back and now works under a Michelin Star chef with an upscale hospitality group in New Zealand

published : 04 Feb 2021

Yeh dil maange Cinnamor

The exclusive gourmet cinnamon roll venture by siblings offers the iconic dessert staple to Kochiites 

published : 04 Feb 2021

A bowl of good health

Started by chef Jobin John, cloud kitchen Green Bowl serves healthy salads with a delicious twist

published : 04 Feb 2021

Home away from home

Starting a business in the highly competitive food and beverage sector is anything but easy.

published : 04 Feb 2021

Packing a punch

Due to the innumerable food choices, we don’t eat everything we are supposed to.

published : 04 Feb 2021