Food News

How to Vegan

Taking a leaf out of the book of the King from Alice in Wonderland, we’d better begin at the beginning.

published : 28 Jan 2020

Repasts from the Past

Chefs and restaurants around the Capital are modernising traditional culinary favourites to serve new dishes with classic flavours

published : 28 Jan 2020

Kochi’s new kitchen

The last year saw cloud kitchens mushrooming in the city, but how many of  them can survive in the long run? Express explores

published : 28 Jan 2020

Kilpauk’s gully gets a new resto-bar   

Lights, camera, action, and for Gully Baar it’s showtime as the newest resto-bar in the city.

published : 28 Jan 2020

Have you heard of virtual restaurants?

Cloud kitchens and ghost kitchens are the new horizon of the growing urban food business changing the way India thinks of food

published : 26 Jan 2020

Here's how you can get that perfect shot of espresso every time

Fewer coffee beans which are ground more coarsely are the key to a drink that is cheaper to make and more consistent from shot to shot.

published : 25 Jan 2020

Eat regionally & seasonally appropriate food: Food critic Pushpesh Pant

Food and nostalgia dominated a discussion titled ‘We Are What We Eat’, in which food critic Pushpesh Pant and writer Sabita Radhakrishna took part.

published : 25 Jan 2020

Chinese version of the pav 'Bao' hits Hyderabad

Bao is the latest Chinese delicacy to hit the town, and thanks to Abaotime in Madhapur, you can choose from a wide range of these fluffy bun variations.

published : 25 Jan 2020

A cup of tea, a cup for wellness

The Good Life Company’s herbal teas are formulated in Europe by, as they claim, a team of botanists and culinary experts, with globally sourced medicinal herbs, spices and flowers.

published : 25 Jan 2020

Fine dining experience

Regency Cafe offers a slice of the world’s best, from ‘naadan’ to sizzling Arab and continental dishes

published : 25 Jan 2020

Getting closer to foreign flavours

This ongoing International Street Food Festival brings some interesting dishes from Mexico, Japan, Sri Lanka, Egypt and some other countries

published : 25 Jan 2020

Chinese expats see ‘red’

Family, festivities and of course, food – Yee Sang, Nian Gao, dumplings, spring rolls – mark the Chinese New Year, which will be celebrated today.

published : 25 Jan 2020

Digging into Awadhi delights

Courtyard by Marriott brings the goodness of Lucknow’s rich culinary tradition to the city at this food festival 

published : 25 Jan 2020

Get all your southern flavours, comfort at Delhi's new 'Padmanabham'

Padmanabham is no run-of-the-mill restaurant with its authentic cuisine from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

published : 24 Jan 2020

A delectable tale of Indian culinary delights

The newly opened Locura’s menu boasts of embracing dishes from across the nation.

published : 23 Jan 2020