Health News

To Try or Knot

The Shibari rope bondage technique is catching everyone’s attention for its potential to heal practitioners emotionally and give them an instant feel-good rush.

published : 15 May 2022

Weight No More  

In a world obsessed with dropping the kilos, there are a few that build brain health, boost focus and change habits.

published : 15 May 2022

Live Long and Healthy  

Health and longevity are closely related. There are ways of improving both. Life coach Gurugram-based Shivani Asra shares five simple habits.

published : 15 May 2022

CCMB's mRNA COVID vaccine more effective against variants

Since India lacked mRNA vaccine technology, CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) has indigenously developed a better version of the mRNA vaccine.

published : 14 May 2022

Scientists find likely genetic areas leading to Type-II diabetes among Indians

From India, nearly 22,000 individuals were analysed of which roughly 10,000 were analysed by the CCMB.

published : 13 May 2022


She may have lost weight now but will quickly gain it all back.

published : 12 May 2022

How to keep your kidneys safe   

A healthy diet with an active and fit lifestyle reduces the risk of kidney damage

published : 12 May 2022

Four-in-one surgery by doctors of Chennai's Kauvery Hospital saves woman's life

Kauvery Hospital Chennai announced the successful treatment of a woman with multiple heart defects, in a single surgery that lasted for over seven hours.

published : 11 May 2022

Sleep right and tight

From binge-watching to overthinking and stress eating, several habits that are considered harmless as part of our lifestyle have been found to be common causes of sleep disorders.

published : 11 May 2022

A healthy start

Doctors in the city explain and discuss the need to give your tiny bundle of joy a healthy start by making prenatal and neonatal screening a mandate

published : 11 May 2022

Dr Agarwal's Health Care gets Rs 1,050-crore fund in foreign deal

The target is to open two to three hospitals every month, and increase the number of patients getting treatment every day from 25,000 to 50,000.

published : 11 May 2022

Combination vaccine a boon for children, parents

According to the immunisation schedule of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, children need to take the DTP-IPV-Hib-HepB vaccines at the age of six, ten and 14 weeks.

published : 11 May 2022

Need more doctors in rural areas, says surgeon Kavery Nambisan

Renowned surgeon and author Kavery Nambisan has reiterated that doctors are needed in areas away from cities, as well as those who are willing to cater to the needs of slum-dwellers.

published : 10 May 2022

What to do if your child has a fever? 

Children are often vulnerable to diseases. And often the symptom tends to be fever.  

published : 10 May 2022

Lack of awareness, support worry lupus patients 

Imagine a state when the immune system itself attacks tissues and organs, mistaking them to be foreign bodies.

published : 10 May 2022