73 per cent Indians read ingredient lists, find healthier alternative to snacks: Report

The increasing number of food adulterations has triggered a wave of conscious consumption among shoppers.
9 out of 10 respondents look for a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.
9 out of 10 respondents look for a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.(File Photo)

NEW DELHI: As many as 73 per cent Indians prefer to read ingredient lists and nutritional value before purchasing any snack, reveals a new survey, highlighting the majority of Indians' growing inclination towards healthy snacking.

Based on a survey of over 6,000 people across India, the Healthy Snacking Report 2024, released on Sunday, aims to examine the ever evolving consumption trends in India.

"Seventy three per cent of those surveyed prefer to read labels for ingredient lists and nutritional value before making a purchase. Of this, 93 per cent expressed a desire to transition to healthier options, highlighting a correlation between label reading and conscious choices while pushing for transparency," read the report.

The report was released against the backdrop of an increasing number of cases regarding food adulteration that have come to the fore, be it in spices, confectionaries or fast-moving goods.

This, according to the report, has triggered a wave of conscious consumption, with shoppers checking food packets for potentially harmful substances.

So, with 9 out of 10 respondents looking to find healthier alternatives to traditional snacks, the report records how nearly 60 per cent of Indians are now opting for "natural, additive-free products with wholesome ingredients like nuts, seeds and whole grains".

Makhanas (foxnuts) and dry fruits have emerged as stars in the healthy snacking segment, with 67 per cent of Indians reaching out for a bowl of these nutrient powerhouses.

"In a true testament to the growing popularity of makhanas in India, 59 per cent millennials called it their trusted snack, followed by Gen Z (49 per cent) and Gen X (47 per cent), indicating its popularity across people of all ages.

Additionally, over 70 per cent revealed that their favourite time to snack was with their evening cup of tea/coffee," it added.

That said, the shift towards healthy snacking comes at a cost, which is why over 58 per cent of of those surveyed highlighted "high retail costs" as a barrier to making the switch.

The consumer insight study was conducted by snacking brand Farmley.

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