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You nailed it

The clean girl nails aesthetic continues to grow as the popularity of new manicure style BB Nails shows

Not too long after the craze around milky nails and the classic French mani reigned supreme among manicure lovers, a new nail fad has officially sailed into the beauty dock on Indian shores—BB Nails. True to its name, the manicure trend draws inspiration from the purpose of BB creams, and offers a clean, no-frills finish while enhancing the natural sheen of your nails with a glossy, nude finish.

A raging trend in the west; BB nails continue to attract buyers from various ages, owing to its minimalist and sophisticated appeal. “One of the primary reasons behind the rising popularity of BB nails is its understated elegance—you can’t go wrong with a classic style,” says Dipti Tamang, a senior nail trainer at Bodycraft Academy.

However, she gives a few doable post-nail care tips to ensure they don’t bear a stained appearance earlier than expected. “Daily moisturising of your nails is crucial after any kind of manicure/nail art to ensure that your nails and the cuticles stay hydrated, besides reducing the repeated use of acetone, which can ruin the texture of your nails.”

Echoing similar views is Santosh Kumar, Business Head-Luxury Division, SINH Salon, CIPL -RSPL Group, who says, “Taking care of your natural nails is much simpler as compared to maintaining artificial nails and nail extensions.” He further avers that the BB nail trend is focused on enhancing your existing features, concealing imperfections flawlessly, and achieving a natural yet perfectly polished look for your nails.

“In order to get rid of discolouring or colour fading, one must use a base coat, apply a thin layer, seal with a top- coat, avoid usage of harsh chemicals, limit water-based work, and must do touch-up as and when needed,” he adds.

Want your BB nails to last longer?

Here’s what you need to do:

Cleanliness: Wash your nails regularly with gentle soap and water, and make sure to dry them thoroughly to prevent infections.

Moisturise: Apply moisturiser to your nails and cuticles to keep them hydrated, preventing dryness and cracking.

No Chemicals: Minimise exposure to harsh chemicals like acetone, which can weaken nails and make them brittle.

Protection: Wear gloves when doing household chores to shield your nails from damage.

No Nail-Biting: Avoid biting or picking at your nails, as it can damage the nail bed and lead to infections.

Immense Care: Be gentle with your nails and refrain from using them as tools for tasks like opening cans or scratching off stickers.

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