Spirituality News

Mohiniyattam gives ‘womanhood’ a sturdy platform

The text holds significance historically and continues to make its place in the present times because of its remarkable lyrical and poetic robustness.

published : 05 Nov 2019

What makes a soul unique

Inventions make the human a very special species, for we are continuously working in the search for more

published : 03 Nov 2019

Sense objects are destructive

In the Vivekachoodamani, the master goes directly to the problem of human beings who are bound by the sense objects.

published : 03 Nov 2019

Layers of what we call ourself

The teacher points out that the self has to be realised with effort put in by one’s own self. On this account, he congratulates the student for asking the question about bondage and liberation.

published : 27 Oct 2019

Conquering the all powerful time

If we give up the present material body thinking of God, we go to His kingdom where there is no effect of time—no birth, no death, no disease and no old age.

published : 27 Oct 2019

Harness mind power for success

In order to focus the mind on a goal, you need a well-defined target. Here’s how you should go about it.

published : 13 Oct 2019

Did you know that grief could be a vehicle for growth?

Otherwise you will never understand what is happening with you, nor will you understand what is happening with anyone else around you.

published : 13 Oct 2019

How to not delude the intellect

If what I wish is realisation of the Self, which alone is true freedom, then Sri Adi Sankara’s advice is to shun all kinds of discourses, dialogues and arguments on the Self.

published : 13 Oct 2019

The only way for liberation

What is the only way for the liberation of the mind, the way by which we may realise our real self?

published : 06 Oct 2019

Mata Amritanandamayi: Cultivate culture in children

As soon as a child comes of an age where he or she can begin to remember, he or she should be taught dharma through good stories.

published : 06 Oct 2019

Make your life richer by giving

The power of giving is beyond logic and understanding. It is an act that goes above the mind and touches the spirit. 

published : 06 Oct 2019

Practice respect and love for nature

Amma—Sri Mata Amritanandamayi speaks to Aswin Nandakumar on divinity, Mother Nature and how to protect her. Excerpts from the interview. 

published : 29 Sep 2019

Agroforestry key to water security

Natural farming is the only sustainable way: Natural or eco-farming is the only way that future generations can live well.

published : 29 Sep 2019

Self effort must for self realisation

Without the effort of one’s own self, who indeed is capable of getting freed from the thick rope knots of ignorance, desire and desire-prompted actions even if it is for a period of 100 kalpas?

published : 29 Sep 2019

Use Your Beliefs to Shape Your Life

Either you choose to fly by wings of your beliefs or live an imprisoned life chained by their nooses

published : 22 Sep 2019