Spirituality News

An imagination of the mind

What we see around us is nothing but a projection of the mind.

published : 12 Apr 2020

How and why of life on Earth

The reason why people are keeping themselves so busy and entangled with life is not because they have fallen in love with life. It is just to avoid the inner struggle.

published : 29 Mar 2020

Knowing the real and unreal

The Acharya now points out the process of contemplation towards self-realisation  step by step, uncovering layer after layer, until the core is reached.

published : 20 Mar 2020

God is beyond all differences

Some children ask Amma whether God dislikes the wicked and likes the virtuous.

published : 20 Mar 2020

Weapons of mass distraction

Over 40 percent of smartphone users suffer from nomophobia, as in no-mobile phobia—the anxiety of being disconnected from friends and family.

published : 20 Mar 2020

Ramifications of retribution

A criminal is produced in an ecosystem, which refers to how we are deciding to be, right now. To punish the other is to absolve oneself of all responsibility.

published : 15 Mar 2020

What binds the human mind

The seed of the tree of change and transformation called Samsara is dullness and ignorance of the true self.

published : 15 Mar 2020

From Holi to Diwali, every festival has a huge secret

In a country as varied as ours, festivals offer the right opportunity to connect with our roots and to celebrate good deeds and invite divine blessings in various ways

published : 01 Mar 2020

Wings of wisdom

The compassionate teacher draws first the outline of what is not the reality and then tries to suggest the nature of the reality to the student in Sri Adi Sankaracharya’s Vivekachoodamani.

published : 01 Mar 2020

A pinch of science for Sabha goers

Olsson spoke about nature’s communication patterns. Ramanujam spoke about algorithms that are implicit or explicit in the way society works.

published : 17 Feb 2020

Rules of relationship

What often helps is for people in a relationship to speak openly with each other, instead of clinging to suspicions

published : 09 Feb 2020

Nature of the supreme self

This consciousness alone sees everything yet none can see it.

published : 09 Feb 2020

Science and Spirituality: two sides of a coin

Physical and spiritual scientists both aim to find the hidden laws of nature and use their discoveries to better the lives of others

published : 09 Feb 2020

The secret wisdom of wellbeing

Healthcare providers can benefit from a basic level of familiarity with eight major esoteric traditions

published : 11 Aug 2019

When the Lord Alone Existed

During this phase of the universe, time, actions and the three qualities of satva, rajas and tamas were merged in you.

published : 07 Jul 2019