Spirituality News

What binds the human mind

The seed of the tree of change and transformation called Samsara is dullness and ignorance of the true self.

published : 15 Mar 2020

From Holi to Diwali, every festival has a huge secret

In a country as varied as ours, festivals offer the right opportunity to connect with our roots and to celebrate good deeds and invite divine blessings in various ways

published : 01 Mar 2020

Wings of wisdom

The compassionate teacher draws first the outline of what is not the reality and then tries to suggest the nature of the reality to the student in Sri Adi Sankaracharya’s Vivekachoodamani.

published : 01 Mar 2020

A pinch of science for Sabha goers

Olsson spoke about nature’s communication patterns. Ramanujam spoke about algorithms that are implicit or explicit in the way society works.

published : 17 Feb 2020

Rules of relationship

What often helps is for people in a relationship to speak openly with each other, instead of clinging to suspicions

published : 09 Feb 2020

Nature of the supreme self

This consciousness alone sees everything yet none can see it.

published : 09 Feb 2020

Science and Spirituality: two sides of a coin

Physical and spiritual scientists both aim to find the hidden laws of nature and use their discoveries to better the lives of others

published : 09 Feb 2020

Inculcate spiritual values in children to help them cope with hardship: Mata Amritanandamayi

She felt that parents need to cultivate spiritual values in their children from a very young age and if they don’t, the child will spend its entire life in tears.

published : 30 Jan 2020

Look not for anything, just look

The obsession with conclusions is inculcated in our most impressionable years.

published : 19 Jan 2020

Reflection of pure consciousness

The Sattva Guna and the dynamic movement of the mind in Rajas have been explained by Sri Adi Sankaracharya.

published : 05 Jan 2020

Mouthing the Right Sounds

If the process of knowing and perceiving subtler dimensions of life has to happen, one needs to prepare the body, mind, chemistry, neurological system and energy system.

published : 22 Dec 2019

Spiritual Significance of Winter Solstice

To enhance your powers, begin with Surya Namaskar which will build your energy. It can be followed by Chandra Namaskar, meditation on moon (Tratak) with Prapthi Mudra. 

published : 22 Dec 2019

Special Knowledge of the Brahman

The teacher says: for the experience of the special knowledge of the pure and non-dual Brahman, it is possible to arrive at it through an example.

published : 22 Dec 2019

In focus: Time in 2020

One exhibition in the capital city, centering on the theme of time, has focused on calendars.

published : 21 Dec 2019

The karmic connection

These samskars fructify, deciding the course of your life because in attaching emotions to your actions you gain a sense of ownership towards these actions.

published : 15 Dec 2019