Spirituality News

Formula to change society

We are not isolated islands. We are all links in a chain. We cannot wait for others to change. We should be 
prepared to change first. 

published : 24 Jan 2021

Path of no return to confusion

Why should he ignore the objects of the world? The joy that springs from them is just an illusion and has no real standing.

published : 24 Jan 2021

Movement that is timeless

Surely time is movement.

published : 21 Jan 2021

Move forward by going back to basics  

There are certain principles of life that are universal and unchangeable. These principles are like lighthouses... It is the ship in the ocean which has to change direction.

published : 17 Jan 2021

Don’t buy what the devil sells

There was anger, lust, greed, jealousy, passion for wealth, ego—he put up everything for sale, and people bought them all.

published : 17 Jan 2021

The goal of all education

Sri Adi Sankaracharya says in the Vivekachoodamani that while the real alone exists, the unreal is only a projection of the mind which has to be ignored.

published : 17 Jan 2021

Make a spring season blossom  

It is also essential that we develop the qualities of patience, mental strength and optimistic faith to help us face adverse situations.

published : 10 Jan 2021

The four aspects of our internal machinery

Hence, we may either refer to all of them together as the mind, or as the mind intellect, or as the mind-intellect-ego, or as the mind-intellect subconscious-ego mechanism.

published : 10 Jan 2021

Things to do when bored

It’s our conscious connection to a purpose that helps us move forward during the dull, pointless moments of life. In fact, it is this that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. 

published : 03 Jan 2021

Experience oneness to beat fear

The Yajur Veda declares for the one who sees even a little bit of difference experiences fear.

published : 03 Jan 2021

A different kind of superpower

Our aspiration should be to become a sensible, gentle nation, which creates wellbeing for itself and as far as possible, wellbeing for everyone in the world.

published : 03 Jan 2021

‘Be careful, not fearful’ 

Unfortunately, people are more focused on the problem that’s why instead of witnessing anything positive, they are going through episodes of fear going round and round in a loop.

published : 22 Dec 2020

Dangers of laxity for the seeker

The path of downfall is instant for the one whose eyes are taken away from the goal even a bit.

published : 20 Dec 2020

Be a witness, never get involved: Objectivity key to material success, happiness and growth

You enjoy life only to the extent you are objective. Lack of this vital quality is the cause of all suffering. 

published : 20 Dec 2020

Pair faith with effort

Just having faith in a doctor will not cure our ailment. The patient—says a diabetes patient—should take the medicine as well as follow the prescribed diet.

published : 20 Dec 2020