Spot the invisible eye with your mobile 

The app will display the proximity to electromagnetic fields emitted by cameras or other surveillance devices like microphones.
For representational purposes
For representational purposes

Public surveillance through CCTV cameras has become a part of our daily lives, but hidden cameras in spaces like offices, hotel rooms and bed-and-breakfast accommodations raise concerns about privacy invasion. Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can now scan for hidden cameras using your mobile phone. Here are three ways to do it:

Apps to find hidden lenses:
To locate spy camera lenses, you can download apps like Hidden Camera Detector for Android or DontSpy 2 for iOS. Launch the app and scan the area where you suspect a secret eye may be located. The app will display the proximity to electromagnetic fields emitted by cameras or other surveillance devices like microphones. Follow the directions indicated by the app to narrow down the location of the device. Also, a lens will always reflect light. Use apps like Glint Finder (Android) or Fing (iOS) to catch any such reflections that may indicate the presence of a hidden camera.

Checking for covert Wi-Fi or Bluetooth cameras:
Enable Wi-Fi on your phone and search for nearby networks. Look for any devices that do not resemble regular routers (commonly found in homes or offices and have recognisable brand names) or IoT devices (such as smart speakers or home devices, which usually have labels). If it doesn’t work, use apps like Wi-Fi analyser for Android and iNet Network Scanner for iOS to detect hidden wireless networks.
To check Bluetooth cameras, enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone and scan for available devices. Note down the names of any unfamiliar gadgets, and look them up on the internet to determine if they are
camera products.

Detecting infrared (IR) equipped cameras:
Turn off all the lights in the room. Scan it with your phone’s camera while looking for any white or pulsing dots that are invisible to the naked eye. These lights may indicate the presence of IR-equipped spy cameras. It’s important to note that not all smartphones are capable of detecting IR light. To determine if your phone can detect it, perform a simple test: Find an IR remote control and launch the camera app on your phone. Point it at the small light bulb on the remote panel. Set the camera to record and press the buttons on the remote control while directed at the phone.If your phone’s camera can detect IR light, you will see a white light appearing on the screen when the buttons are pressed. This shows that your phone’s camera can detect IR light, and you can use both the back and front lenses to search for hidden IR cameras.

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