Tech News

Samsung India partners with Servify to offer smartphone protection plans

Samsung Care+ has seen more than one lakh consumers enrolling for the service despite lockdowns that affected the markets between March and June.

published : 25 Jun 2020

Liqhub app delivers the drink at your doorstep amid COVID-19 lockdown

The app was never meant to start out as an alcohol delivery service, but rather a dispensary of knowledge about wine and spirits.

published : 25 Jun 2020

Science to your rescue amid COVID-19 crisis

Researchers across different fields including healthcare and tech have come up with products that offer protection against the virus.

published : 25 Jun 2020

OnePlus to launch affordable smartphone lineup in India

The company is going to start relatively small with this new product line by first introducing it in Europe and India.

published : 23 Jun 2020

This application helps you select dishes without touching menu card

Developed by start-up based in Kochi, many popular joints in the state have already begun beta testing the app

published : 23 Jun 2020

Scrap collection in Kochi goes digital with AAKRI app

The pickup team will also segregate the trash and weigh it as per the rate chart and fix an amount, accordingly.

published : 23 Jun 2020

Playstation 5: Are You Game? I Love It

Welcome to the second part of the review of the PS5 reveal event. Truthfully, I had covered most of the games in part 1.

published : 22 Jun 2020

Best apps for online education: Check them out here

In the absence of physical classrooms, e-learning gets a major push

published : 21 Jun 2020

Google working on Pinterest-like app called 'Keen' for all your preferred topics

Keen which is a web and Android app encourages users to make a "Keen" (like a Pinterest board) about any topic they like.

published : 19 Jun 2020

Got a new normal solution? Google wants you

The search engine company is inviting startups who are working on solutions oriented towards the new normal, with a special focus on health-tech, fintech, edutech, agri-tech, retail and SaaS startups.

published : 18 Jun 2020

Now, draw money from ATM without touching keyboard amid COVID-19

ATM cardholders can now withdraw cash from an ATM machine by scanning a QR code on its screen without having to touch the surface.

published : 17 Jun 2020

Don't rely on smart watches to spot heart rhythm disorders

Wearables may be very valuable in the future but at the moment they do not have a defined place in risk assessment, the authors wrote.

published : 17 Jun 2020

At 11 GB data per user a month, 90 per cent Indians binge on streaming

The survey analysed views of over 2,600 consumers to highlight the changing behaviour and perception toward digital services.

published : 17 Jun 2020

Nokia's nostalgic 5310 music phone back in new avatar

The feature phone is priced at Rs 3,399 and will be available for pre-booking on starting June 16 in white/red and black/red colours.

published : 16 Jun 2020

'Won't allow govt to impact anyone outside China': Zoom caught in censorship crossfire as meetings foiled

Zoom said the government told it such activities were illegal and demanded that the company terminate the meetings and the host accounts of the organisers, even though they did not live in China.

published : 12 Jun 2020