Travel News

The steamy tradition of Japan

Japan, the third-largest wellness tourism destination in Asia, has kept its centuries-old culture of bathing in hot springs alive. Mind your manners before taking a dip.

published : 08 May 2022

Playing the percentages

A Chennai-based game-maker has designed a board game that teaches children basic financial literacy through trading in restaurants

published : 08 May 2022

Embark on an expedition

Travel bloggers from Delhi-NCR recommend offbeat destinations amid the mountains perfect for a quiet getaway from the Capital

published : 07 May 2022

Everyone ‘loves’ Kerala, from Balkans to west

Naclad Marius, from Romania, was one such tour operator smitten by Kerala.

published : 07 May 2022

Let’s go out

Holidays are here, and everyone is in a mood to soak in the outdoors. For almost two years, domestic and national tourism was at a standstill.

published : 07 May 2022

Charting the country's monumental treasures

Through this, photographers share their documentation of lesser-known monuments to create a digital museum of stories.

published : 02 May 2022

Gods of the Forest World 

Sacred groves— places of Pagan worship, healing and conservation—preserve the link between man 
and Nature

published : 01 May 2022

Pilgrimage Promise

Mangal Chand Pandya believes that a family that travels together stays together.

published : 01 May 2022

Celebrating the spirit of Ramadan with the Sukoon-e-Iftaar walk

The exploration covered a number of smaller monuments around the area such as the Urs Mahal, where the death of the Saint is celebrated and the Chausath Khamba.

published : 29 Apr 2022

Kodagu youth travels penniless across Karnataka

Travel videos uploaded on his YouTube channel are gaining appreciation and he dreams to travel the country penniless.

published : 29 Apr 2022

Camp at your comfort 

With its custom-built campervans, Roadhouse offers travellers a unique experience of touring with the convenience of home away from home

published : 26 Apr 2022

City of Joy High on Heritage

When it comes to the restoration of historical monuments and buildings, and retaining their native charm, Kolkata shows the way.

published : 24 Apr 2022

A Date with Doha   

From intriguing museums to inspiring art and monumental work by some of the most renowned artists, the city has a lot in store for the culture buff.

published : 24 Apr 2022

In nature’s lap

Looking to explore some hotspots to visit during the weekends? Here are some CE recommendations

published : 21 Apr 2022

Stepping back in time

An ASI-curated walk through a well-landscaped garden takes you to the Rani-ki-Vav, or the Queen’s Stepwell, on the banks of the Saraswati river in Gujarat

published : 17 Apr 2022