Travel News

Steered by the travel bug

Renting a motor home or caravan to travel across the state and beyond is Bengalureans’ idea of a change of scene in these pandemic-ridden times

published : 10 Apr 2021

Light in the valley of the dark

Firefly tourism is taking off in India, with Maharashtra emerging as the top destination

published : 04 Apr 2021

A short road to god

Our journey in search of divinity leads us to two lesser-known places Gulur and Kaidala both in Karnakata.

published : 04 Apr 2021

Lakshminarasimha Temple: Encounter with a forgotten deity in Karnataka's Hassan district

A journey to evoke old family connections leads to an accidental discovery of a Hoysala era temple in Karnataka.

published : 28 Mar 2021

Peace paradise: Of Maharashtra's Mulshi lake and Western Ghats

All this and more made is the way of life at Song of Life County Villa Resort in Mulshi district, Maharashtra. 

published : 21 Mar 2021

'Second innings': India's new-age seniors splurge on themselves, drive growth of silver economy

Both Honnatti and Kurien present a growing tribe of seniors who are driving the silver economy, pushing forward an array of services catering to this age group.

published : 14 Mar 2021

On the road again: Four travel enthusiasts come together to launch 'caravan rental service'

The four friends—with a passion for wanderlust—had just returned from a trip to Uttarakhand and knew they wanted to go on many such journeys.

published : 14 Mar 2021

In the lap of well being: Here's a list of places that should be on your bucket list

The past year has been ruthless for travel dreams. It’s now time to make up. Spa, eat, repeat is the mantra many are chanting with leisurely wellness retreats attracting eager travellers.

published : 07 Mar 2021

A gem from the early Chola era

One among the many Siva temples in Kumbakonam is the well-known shrine dedicated to Nageshwara Svami originally called Thirukilkottam.

published : 02 Mar 2021

The trailblazer: 27-year-old woman goes on India 'darshan' with her bike

An accountancy graduate, she chose to work on an ocean liner in 2016 so that she could travel the world.

published : 28 Feb 2021

A day in Valanthakad Island 

The tour begins at the Valanthakad boat jetty at 9am.

published : 25 Feb 2021

At the Mountains of Muchness

If you go to Mary Budden Estate like us dear reader, you are assured that happy ending. But first lies, er, lays the way there. It is undoubtedly long.

published : 19 Feb 2021

Legends of Avani and Ramalingeshwara temples of Karnataka

The Nolambas were devoted Shaivites, and three impressive temple complexes built by them still stand. All three are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are a display of pomp and glory of past times.

published : 14 Feb 2021

The lensman in his bubble

Delhi photographer Sohrab Hura marks his foray into curating with Ishara Art Foundation’s ‘Growing Like a Tree’

published : 07 Feb 2021

Sacred journeys through sand

The temple town of Talakadu, near Mysore, offers a slice of history and heritage

published : 07 Feb 2021