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Of stories and trickles of change

An urge to bring about a similar mindset of empathy among children today gave way to a book that would do just that.

published : 06 Oct 2020

TraVival, a beacon for rural tourism

TraVival aims to empower communities in villages with health, hygiene, sustainability and tourism practices, and educate travellers from metros on travelling responsibly.

published : 28 Sep 2020

The three mountaineers: Here's what drove these nomad souls to create 'Trekmunk' for trekking enthusiasts

Trekmunk has over 100 treks and mountaineering expeditions listed on its website. From Kashmir to the Northeast, there is something for everyone.

published : 27 Sep 2020

Go virtual globetrotting all the way with seabirds from Australia coming to life in your house

Billed as the world’s first nightly live stream of a natural wildlife event at a regular time, with expert commentary to boot, Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade is now being live-streamed every night.

published : 27 Sep 2020

Ella Maillart: Discovering the unknown by herself

Ella Maillart was the pioneer solo woman explorer who found her spiritual side in India.

published : 27 Sep 2020

Wildlife Photographer Arjun Anand’s call of the wild

Late last year, Hamir was captured after having killed three villagers where his territory enfolds into theirs.

published : 25 Sep 2020

Delhi's Impresario restaurants return to the fold

It’s always lovely to meet old friends, even if the circumstances are unprecedented.

published : 23 Sep 2020

A trip to blessing and bliss

That’s how in this unlock phase 4 Samanyashastram Art Gallery, Manikondahas organised a photography exhibition titled ‘Kashi’.

published : 22 Sep 2020

Odisha plans 'Eco Retreat' at five destinations to revive COVID-hit tourism sector

Organised for the first time in the State, the event at Konark was highly successful with record occupancy and it evolved as a distinct tourism brand.

published : 18 Sep 2020

Astronomers see possible hints of life in Venus's clouds

Astronomers have found a potential sign of life high in the atmosphere of neighbouring Venus: hints there may be bizarre microbes living in the sulfuric acid-laden clouds of the hothouse planet.

published : 15 Sep 2020

Discover unexplored places in Karnataka

Tourism dept to involve locals to popularise least-visited sites

published : 13 Sep 2020

Blog town not bogged down

Dip in page views, fluctuating income, competitive market, safety concerns...the virus may have changed the way bloggers travel, but they remain hopeful of bouncing back

published : 12 Sep 2020

Delhi to London (by road) in 70 days

Madan and Agarwal met in 2011 when the two had registered their names in the Limca Book of Records.

published : 08 Sep 2020

Travel for Immunity: Wellness tourism gets boost amid COVID-19 crisis

With health being the primary focus, wellness tourism is getting a major fillip.

published : 06 Sep 2020

Ghosts of fishing gear haunt the ocean

With the Indian Ocean as the second highest carrier of abandoned plastic, a Mediteranean dive brings focus on fishing gear killing marine life.

published : 06 Sep 2020