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The wonder called Pechiparai

The reservoir, located 60km from the city, is a pristine spot that exudes rustic charm 

published : 11 Oct 2019

Air travellers won't mind Rs 1,000 as carbon fee if told wisely

Consumers even chose more expensive tickets with a fee described this way over cheaper tickets that had no extra USD 14 fee attached at all.

published : 09 Oct 2019

Canopy walk to be reopened in Western Ghats for tourists next month

The canopy walk which is considered as one of the prestigious eco-tourism projects of Karnataka Forest Department ran into controversies after greens opposed to the operation of the same.

published : 09 Oct 2019

Experience nature at its best with Tourfed

Tourfed’s package to Munroe Island and Jatayu Earth Centre has caught the fancy of tourists

published : 04 Oct 2019

An autumn Scottish adventure

The 175-mile journey was completed in five hours, including several pitstops for its tourist attractions. 

published : 29 Sep 2019

Photography through the lens of 2,500 objects 

More than 100 cameras greet you at the newly-launched camera museum in Gurugram, called Museo Camera Centre for the Photography Arts.

published : 29 Sep 2019

Breathing serenity

Unannounced rains, magnified greenery, petrichor in the air—Vayalar in Kerala is all this and more.

published : 29 Sep 2019

Mathur Aqueduct: Walk into the spectacular

Constructed in 1969, Mathur Aqueduct sought to address water woes in the region. The accompanying bridge offers a spellbinding vista

published : 27 Sep 2019

World Tourism Day: Indian travellers want home away from home

Taking stock of the new trend in holidaying ahead of World Tourism Day on September 27, industry experts say Indian travellers are looking for a home away from home.

published : 26 Sep 2019

Indulge in incredible India

Chennai, a quick trip to various parts of India or across the world, they prefer being on the move.

published : 26 Sep 2019

Memories for life: Here are some pro tips for your wedding photo shoot!

Even if you're not fussy kinds, it's important to know the latest pre-wedding shoot trends, if you're planning to get hitched any time soon and simply want to make memories for life.

published : 24 Sep 2019

Heritage buildings in Delhi's Chandni Chowk to get a ‘face’ lift

Architecture students may be roped in to restore the facades of heritage structures in the area.

published : 24 Sep 2019

Trekking tales

Trekking teaches you life lessons that help in day-to-day life too, says B O Prasanna Kumar who has been avidly trekking since 2013

published : 24 Sep 2019

A Quiet Himalayan Interlude

Originally meant as a private holiday home, Kaudia Estate—nestled in the Himalayan valley—opens its doors in a new avatar

published : 22 Sep 2019

On a Literary Tour

Books have the power to transport readers on the magic carpet of imagination but to visit the locales where they are set in, where the authors lived and where the iconic bookstores are is a singular e

published : 22 Sep 2019