Design firm 'The KariGhars' engineer a design vision

The KariGhars started in 2009 when Chadha and his wife, Aashita, used the services of an interior designer to get their home designed.
Abhishek Chadha with wife Aashita and Vinayak Chadha
Abhishek Chadha with wife Aashita and Vinayak Chadha

It was Steve Jobs’ words, “People with passion can change the world for the better” that inspired software engineer Abhishek Chadha to follow his passion for décor and start his design firm, The KariGhars. In the decade since, the firm has received many awards, including Most Creative Interior Designing firm in Bengaluru, Brand Achievers Award for the Best Interior Designing Firm in Bengaluru, and Company of the Year Award by Silicon India among others. But the biggest reward, feels Chadha, is the satisfaction and appreciation of the people for whom he has created those designs. “I still remember our first client, and every time I achieve a milestone, I message him for putting his faith in us,” he says.

The KariGhars started in 2009 when Chadha and his wife, Aashita, used the services of an interior designer to get their home designed. That’s when they noticed that interior designing was a field that needed a consolidated level of professionalism and accountability, which was sorely missing. “When we design home interiors, we commit ourselves fully. We aim to achieve client satisfaction. We make sure to give the client the entire experience, making sure that they are on board every step of the way.” The team—comprising 250-plus members—is run by Chadha (CEO), his wife as the CFO, and Managing Director Vinayak Chadha.

The unique selling point of The KariGhars comes from the originality of designs and the quality of raw materials used. “With the right blend of aesthetics and ergonomics for homes and kitchens, we deliver interiors that reflect one’s style. Our USP is that we maintain strict timelines for every step of the design process so that the client can shift into their home as planned.” Add to that, a lifetime warranty for products used.

Quiz him on the new trends in interiors, and he says, “In terms of building materials, more rustic looking products are trending. People want to feel closer to nature and there is a demand for transforming spaces that serve as the perfect escape from the cities which are nothing but concrete jungles,” says Chadha, adding, “Faux grass, exposed brick walls, natural stones, and authentic marble are a few building materials that are gaining momentum in the market. New germ-resistant materials, upholstery, wall coverings, paints are also gaining popularity and will soon be a part of every household.”

A keen observer, he is also clear that designers need to adapt to sustainability as much as they can in their designs. “A smart way to ensure sustainability is the use of raw materials with low carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption. Eco-friendly resources need to be incorporated as much as possible in the houses. The idea of ‘green homes’ is fast catching up as it integrates the need to replace environmentally damaging materials with nonpolluting resources,” he says.

In his opinion, this is also an ideal time for interior designers to make their mark. “I have observed a dramatic rise in the need for luxury homes. People are inclining towards well-designed interiors as the pandemic made us all realise the importance of an aesthetically pleasing home. We make it a point to incorporate all the latest technology, for instance, smart homes and implementation of state-of-the-art equipment.” 

Looking ahead, the team wants to focus on projects that revolve around delivering luxury. So, if you’re looking for that luxe touch to your home, The KariGhars are here to help.

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