High on Josh, High on Life

Imagine walking into an office party, looking forward to a fun evening ahead. Your colleagues greet you warmly
High on Josh, High on Life

Remember the question that Vicky Kaushal’s character shouts at his soldiers in the film Uri: The Surgical Strike whenever he wants to test their mood, ‘How’s the josh?’ And remember what they chanted back, ‘High, Sir’? Well, in life, as much as in the movies (and the armed forces), it helps to keep your josh high, and positive.

Imagine walking into an office party, looking forward to a fun evening ahead. Your colleagues greet you warmly. They’re excited to be there too. Except this one person, who meets you unsmilingly, tells you you’re late and proceeds to criticize the food, the drinks and the venue. Two minutes into the monologue, your good mood has disappeared and you feel your energy steadily draining out of you.

The only thing to do here is to quickly detach yourself from the conversation and seek out a ‘positive energiser’. These are high-energy people with josh, who exude an optimistic aura and light up the room with their liveliness and laughter. Chat with them for just a few minutes and their infectious energy will have you feeling upbeat once again.

We all know both kinds of people: the first, perpetually filled with pessimism and negativity; the other, full of a magnetic energy that draws us in and makes us want to chat with them. Given a choice, whom would you rather spend time with?

It’s not that negative people are bad people. Not at all. I have some pessimistic friends who are extremely helpful in emergencies. But in normal times, they can be tiring to be around. Because, unlike my optimistic friends who uplift everyone around them with their can-do attitude, my not-so-positive buddies tend to leave people feeling depressed.

There are four key reasons that make high-energy people attractive to others:

One, their enthusiasm is contagious and creates an exciting buzz in a social setting. The magic works in the workplace too, as Virgin Group boss Richard Branson has shown us. Famous for his superhuman energy, Branson is an ace at boosting team morale, inspiring everyone to do more and fostering a sense of camaraderie in the office.

Two, people with high energy are usually open to new experiences. They like to travel, try new cuisines and learn new skills. This zest for life adds an element of excitement to their relationships and social interactions.

Three, high-energy individuals tend to be more resilient than others. Think of Virat Kohli, who radiates energy on the field. His ability to thrive under pressure and turn adversity into opportunity motivates other cricketers to do the same.

Four, high-energy individuals are invariably high on confidence and self-assuredness, two universally attractive qualities. Found in a professional setting, social gathering or romantic relationship, these qualities act as a magnet for people.

Basically, people with high energy possess a unique charm that sets them apart from others, and gives them the ability to uplift, inspire and infuse positivity into the lives of those around them. Keep your josh high, and you can do all that too.

Shampa Dhar-Kamath

Delhi-based writer, editor and communication coach


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