Are we raising a generation of Morons?

Are we raising a generation of Morons?

We seek expert help for fixing the AC, treating cancer, or solving a murder. Why not do the same for raising children, the toughest task of all?

The world is a horrifying place that can beat the goriest and most grotesque of horror movies hollow on any given day. There are terrors and monsters, frights and chills lurking around every other corner in the spectral forms of war, crime and calculated acts of evil. Most individuals encounter the seven deadly sins—pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth—on a daily basis and when they aren’t the victims, invariably they are the perps.

But one of the most jump-scare inducing phenomena witnessed in recent times, is the behaviour of kids which is often so abhorrent they make the creepy children depicted to chilling effect in scary films with their translucent skin, lank hair, and blank but knowing eyes, seem like cuddly cherubs.

For those who have grown up screaming themselves hoarse after watching Samara from The Ring crawl out of the television to kill her victims in puke-worthy ways, seeing pint-sized brats plonked in front of handheld gadgets in public spaces looking somewhat like Rosemary’s baby can be deeply unsettling. Similarly, the sight of temper-tantrum throwing tykes rolling on the floor, attacking their caregivers with lethal little fists when denied a third helping of ice-cream can be reminiscent of Chucky—the serial killer doll—and can loosen the most turgid of bowels.

Snotty adolescents and young adults with their rudeness and entitled ways seem to herald a doomed future where Damien from The Omen is in charge of the planet and his mini acolytes feed the adults to sharks and crocs because they can no longer be entertained by the vacuous content on streaming platforms or porn.

Naturally, most parents would disagree. In their eyes, their precious boos are perfect little Princesses and Princes who deserve nothing less than everything served up on a platinum platter. Many mommies and daddies are committed to raising their beloved babies in a cocoon of love and indulgence minus discipline, which will maximise their chances of becoming a popstar, superstar or sports-star or fast-track their way to an MD/PhD or Noble Prize.

Naturally, this means insulating the child from any semblance of normalcy and ensuring they retain the spoilt-brattishness that is being inculcated into their Peter Pan personas so that they never ever grow up to become useful human beings who are not a menace to society.

Since a majority of parents have proved incapable of modelling kindness, decency and generosity in front of their kids, it might be best if parenting were entrusted to trained professionals. We seek expert help when the AC needs to be fixed, when diagnosed with cancer, or if a murder has been committed. Why then do we not do the same when faced with raising children which is the toughest task of all? Since the future depends on Gen Next, it might be best if we employ radical means and conventional wisdom to make sure they don’t all grow up to be hardened jerks. Like us.

Disclaimer: No brats were harmed in the writing of this article and not all children are ruffians in the making.

Anuja Chandramouli

Author and new age classicist

The New Indian Express