Major air crashes in India in two decades

The plane crash at the Mangalore airport that killed over 160 people on Saturday.

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NEW DELHI: Here is a brief history of the air accidents in India in the last two decades.

November 10, 2009

An ATR-72 passenger plane, operated by Kingfisher Airlines, was damaged when it skidded off the runway on landing at Mumbai-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM), India. Flight IT4124 operated on a scheduled domestic flight from Bhavnagar Airport (BHU) to Mumbai. Maintenance on main runway 27 at Mumbai effected operations at the airport between certain times.

October 29, 2008

King Air C-90 aircraft owned and operated by Govt of Punjab was operating Positioning flight from Chandigarh to Ludhiana on 29.10.08 with two cockpit crew on board. The flight en-route up to overhead Ludhiana was uneventful. The crew located the runway late due prevailing Low visibility. They were not comfortable with the approach and made a go around; a non-standard go-around due to low visibility. In the anxiety to not to loose the sight of the field they descended in three orbits in the vicinity of the airfield on the west side of R/w 12, perhaps to land after making the short circuit from the right. However they lost the control and impacted with the ground in the steep left bank. Aircraft got destroyed crash due to impact and post impact fire. Both the occupant on board died due to fire and collapsing aircraft structure.

March 19, 2008

The Premier 1 corporate jet aircraft took off normally from Jodhpur (JDH), India. The flight en-route up to approach to land at Udaipur (UDR) was uneventful. After clearance to land at Udaipur the pilot selected the flaps-10; the flap didn’t respond and "Flaps-Fail" message flashed. The pilot decided to go for a flap-less landing and carried out the check list for Flaps Up approach & landing. The approach speed of the aircraft was probably high and it could not be brought to the assigned limit for flap less landing. The pilot continued approach at high speed. From about 25 feet height, the aircraft had a sort of free fall and impacted the runway. It rolled for about 150 feet with heavy breaking on both the wheels; which caused heavy rubber deposits on the runway and subsequent tyre burst. The aircraft veered to right and hit the boundary wall before it stopped.

September 8, 2007

Vulcanair P68C aircraft VT-JOY operated by M/s Joy Alukkas Traders (I)

pvt Ltd, Cochin operating flight from Bangalore Airport to Cochin on 08.9.2007 after refueling at Bangalore. Its took-off from Bangalore airport runway 27 at approx 1514 Hrs normally. At about1520 Hrs IST the aircraft wanted to return back due technical. However it could not make it as it was losing the engine power very fast. Subsequently Radar contact with the aircraft was lost and the aircraft crashed onto the lakebed of Gawdanapalya Lake, about 5NM Southwest of Bangalore airport. All the persons onboard received fatal injuries. There was no evidence of fire. Aircraft was completely destroyed.

July 1, 2007

ATR 72-212A aircraft VT -JCE operated by M/s Jet Airways was operating schedule flight sectors Delhi–Bhopal–Indore–Delhi on 1.7.2007. The flight up-till approach to land at Indore was normal. On coming to the runway the aircraft touched down moderately hard and bounced high. The Pilots were perhaps determined to salvage the abnormal situation and added Power to the Engines with intention to cushion the sink-rate and settle the runway. On the contrary, aircraft came hard on the RWY and bounced once again. This got followed with a series of bounces in succession. While bouncing the aircraft migrated from the runway and finally came to full halt on right side close to airport boundary wall. There was no fire in the accident.

March 11, 2006

Low-cost carrier Air Deccan's flight from Coimbatore was involved in a mishap when it skidded off the runway after landing at the Bangalore airport.

April 17, 2004

The aircraft owned and operated by M/s Agni Aerosports Adventure Academy,

Bangalore was scheduled for a flight from Jakkur airport to Nadirgul on 7.4.2004. The aircraft took off at about 1115 Hrs with four persons on board including pilot in command. Film actress Ms. Soundarya was also on board the aircraft. After attaining a height of about 150 ft after takes off, the aircraft took a steep left turn, stalled and hit the ground. A few minutes later, the aircraft caught fire and all the occupants received fatal injuries. The aircraft got destroyed due impact and post impact fire.

September 30, 2001 (Charter Flight)

King Air C 90 aircraft VT-EFF owned by Birla Global Finance Ltd. and operated by M/s Jindal Strips Ltd., New Dehli took off from Delhi on 30.09.2001 at 1241 hrs with six passengers and two crewmembers on board. The aircraft was bound to Kanpur. En route it reported Aligarh as estimated. Short of next reporting point KADAS the aircraft was about 10 miles right of track for which the permission was obtained and the pilot requested for direct routing to Kanpur. Captain was advised by ATC Lucknow, to co-ordinate with Gwalior and Agra for traffic information. Thereafter, the aircraft lost the contact with the ATC and crashed. All the persons on board received fatal injuries. The aircraft got destroyed due fire.

July 17, 2000

Boeing 737 aircraft VT-EGD, owned by Indian Airlines Ltd. and operated by

Airlines Allied Services Ltd. took off from NSCBI Airport Kolkata at 0615 hrs on

17.07.2000 for Patna – Lucknow - Delhi. The aircraft was under the command of Capt. Sohan Pal and there were 58 persons, including six crewmembers, on board. At approx 0713 hrs, the aircraft informed Patna ATC, estimated arrival time at Patna at 0736 hrs. The aircraft informed Patna ATC at 0732 hrs that it would like to do a 360-degree due to being high on approach. The ATC informed the aircraft to report final for R/W 25 after carrying out a 360-degree turn and the pilot acknowledged the same. This was the last communication recorded between the aircraft and the ATC. During the approach, for R/W 25 at Patna, the aircraft turned steeply to the left, losing height, and collided with the tree in the approach funnel and crashed in the Gardani Bagh area near Patna Airport. The aircraft was totally destroyed due impact with the ground and post impact fire.

July 30, 1998

Indian Airlines DO-228 aircraft VT-EJW was involved in an accident at Kochi

Aerodrome on 30-7-98. The aircraft was scheduled to operate from Kochi to

Thiruvananthapuram. Aircraft took off from runway 17 of Kochi Aerodrome. After attaining a height of about 400 ft. it was seen pitching up steeply to a near vertical attitude and thereafter appeared to perform a manoeuvre similar to a stall turn to the right and crashed on the roof top of the Component Repair Shop (CRS) building of the Naval Aircraft Yard, Kochi. After the impact the aircraft caught fire and was completely destroyed. All persons on board received fatal injuries. Three persons working in CRS also received fatal and six other persons received minor injuries.

November 12, 1996

A Saudi Arabian Boeing 747 aircraft and Kazakhastna IL-76 aircraft collided in mid-air about 40 miles west of Delhi on 12th November, 1996. All the 312 occupants of Saudi Boeing 747 and 37 occupants of Kazakhstan IL-76 aircraft lost their lives.

The Saudi Boeing 747 aircraft was on a scheduled passenger flight from Delhi to Dahran and the Kazakhastan aircraft was operating a non-scheduled flight from Chimkent, Kazakhastan to Delhi. After take off from Delhi, Delhi Approach had instructed the Saudi Boeing 747 aircraft to climb and maintain FL-140 (14,000 feet). The Kazakhastan aircraft had been instructed by Delhi Approach to descend and maintain FL-150 (15,000 feet). Suddenly at 1840 hours the blips of the two aircraft disappeared from the radar screen, as the two aircraft had collided.

There was no casualty on the ground. The wreckage of Saudi Boeing 747 aircraft fell near village Dhani in Bhiwani District of Haryana and that of Kazakhastan IL-76 aircraft was lying near village Birohar in Rohtak District. Standing crops at the site of accident were damaged due to fire, impact and rescue operations.

July 11, 1996

Archana Airways L-410 aircraft VT-ETC was operating flight on Delhi-Shimla-Bhunter- Delhi sector on 11.07.96. The flight upto Shimla was unenventful. The aircraft took-off from Shimla with 9 persons including three flight crew members. At 0855 hrs. aircraft hit and crashed into a hill and caught fire near Kanda village. The Aircraft was totally destroyed and all the persons on board received fatal injuries and three persons on ground have also suffered injuries.

May 18, 1996

Archana Airways L-410 aircraft VT-ETB was operating a scheduled flight from Delhi to Kanpur civil aerodrome on 18.05.96. The flight from Delhi to Kanpur was uneventful. The aircraft took-off from Delhi with 19 persons including three light crew. During landing, the aircraft touched down late and could not be stopped within the available runway length and went beyond the runway. The aircraft hit the boundary wall of the airport and came to halt. The aircraft sustained major damages. There was no fire and no injury to persons on board the aircraft.

December 2, 1995

Indian Airlines B-737 aircraft VT-ECS was operating flight IC-492 of 2.12.95 under the command of Capt. Adil Mistry with co-pilot Sandeep Marwah and four cabin crew. The flight upto Jaipur was uneventful. Aircraft took-off from Jaipur with 98+4 passengers. Aircraft landed at Delhi at 1253 hrs. After landing the aircraft could not be stopped within the available runway length and went beyond the runway into kutcha. The aircraft was substantially damaged. There was minor fire. Six passengers received minor injuries.

July 1, 1995

East West F-27 aircraft was engaged in a training flight at Baroda airport on 1.7.1995. The aircraft was under the command of an Examiner pilot with the trainee pilot on right hand seat. The first touch and go exercise was uneventful. During the second exercise, immediately on touchdown the left main landing gear failed at its shock strut outer cylinder and the inner cylinder with the main wheel assembly attached to it got liberated. The aircraft continued moving forward with the remaining portion of left shock strut contacting the runway followed by the left engine propellers and fuselage bottom and finally came to rest on the runway left side strip. There was no fire and no injury to persons on board the aircraft. The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

December 17, 1994

Indian Airlines A-320 aircraft VT-EPM was operating a scheduled flight from Madras to Hyderabad on 17.12.1994. The aircraft was under the command of Capt. C.J. Bhoopal with Capt. Sree Nair as First Officer. In all there were 144 persons on board the aircraft. After reaching over Hyderabad airfield, the aircraft did normal descent and was cleared for VOR DME approach for Runway 09.  fter

touchdown when the aircraft was rolling, it was hit by an unauthorised outsider on moped, who was attempting to cross the runway. The aircraft continued rolling with normal braking. The moped rider died on the spot and his body was ragmented into pieces and scattered all over the runway. Aircraft sustained slight damage.

November 15, 1993

Indian Airlines Airbus A-300 aircraft VT-EDV was operating scheduled flight IC-440 (Madras- Hyderabad sector) on 15.11.1993. There were a total of 262 persons were on board the aircraft including 247+3 passengers and 12 crew members. The aircraft could not land at Hyderabad due to low visibility and carried out a missed approach. After the missed approach, the aircraft reported "Flap Problem" and was holding overhead at Hyderabad during which the flight crew enquired visibility at nearby Air Force airfields which was also low. The aircraft then diverted to  Madras. Due to flaps problem, the crew had to maintain low speed and low  ltitude as a result of which it experienced fuel shortage and sought permission from Madras control for landing at Tirupati. However, the aircraft could not reach even Tirupati airport and executed forced landing in an open paddy field about 14  nautical miles from Tirupati airport. The aircraft dragged on the soft paddy field before coming to final stop. There was no fire. Passenger evacuation was carried out by means of escape slides. All the persons on board escaped unhurt except four who received minor injuries.

April 26, 1993

Indian Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft VT-ECQ was operating scheduled flight IC-491 from Delhi- Jaipur-Udaipur-Aurangabad-Bombay on 26.4.1993. The flight from Delhi to Aurangabad was uneventful. The aircraft took-off from Aurangabad with 118 persons on board. Aircraft lifted up almost at the end of runway and impacted heavily with a lorry carrying pressed cotton bales running from North to South on a highway at a distance of about 410 feet from the end of runway. The aircraft left main landing gear, left engine bottom cowling and thrust reverser impacted the left side of the truck at a height of nearly seven feet from the level of the road. Thereafter the aircraft hit the high tension electric wires nearly 3 kms North-East of the runway and hit the ground. In all 55 persons received fatal injuries. The aircraft was destroyed due to post impact fire.

January 9, 1993

On 9th January, 1993 TU-154 aircraft No. 85533 wet leased by Indian Airlines from Uzbekistan Airways was operating flight IC-840 from Hyderabad to Delhi. The aircraft was being flown by Uzbeki operating crew and there were 165 persons on board including the crew. The aircraft touched down slightly outside the right edge of the runway, collided with some fixed installations on the ground, got airborne once again and finally touched down on kutcha ground on the right side of the runway. At this stage the right wing and the tail of the aircraft broke away and it came to rest in an inverted position. During the process, the aircraft caught fire and was destroyed. Most occupants of the aircraft escaped unhurt. Six persons suffered either limb fracture or other serious injuries while 45 persons suffered injuries of a minor nature.

September 4, 1992

Indian Airlines B-737 aircraft VT-EGJ was operating scheduled flight IC-493 (Udaipur-Bombay sector) on 4.9.92. During take-off roll, the aircraft hit an Aerodrome Attendant (Chowkidar) on the runway centerline, who received fatal injuries. The aircraft continued with the take-off roll, got airborne and subsequently landed uneventfully at its destination Bombay.

January 10, 1992

Air Lanka B-737 aircraft was engaged in a Scheduled International Passenger flight from Colombo to Madras on 10.1.1992. During landing on Runway 07 at Madras airport, the right landing gear attachment failed and right engine bottom contacting runway surface immediately on touch down. The aircraft started swerving towards the right of runway center line as it moved forward on its wheels with right engine cowling and bottom rubbing the runway surface. The aircraft finally came to stop with its nose wheel and failed right main landing gear entering the grassy side strip soon after crossing the Delta taxiway. The fire emanating from the right engine was extinguished by the Safety Services and the crew and passengers evacuated the aircraft through the left side exit doors by means of the slide chutes.

August 16, 1991

Indian Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft VT-EFL while operating flight IC-257 (Calcutta-Imphal) on 16.8.91 crashed about 20 nautical miles from the Imphal airport. The aircraft had earlier taken off from Calcutta at 0615 hrs UTC and it lost contact with Imphal airport at 0716 hrs UTC at approximately 5000 feet on ILS. The aircraft was under the command of Capt. Shekhar Haldar with Capt. D.B. Roychoudhary as First Officer. There were a total of 68+1 persons on board the aircraft including crewmembers. All the 69 persons died in the accident. The aircraft was completely destroyed.

May 7, 1990

Air India Boeing 747 aircraft VT-EBO was operating flight AI-132 (London-Delhi-Bombay). During landing at Delhi Airport, on 7.5.1990, its left outboard engine (No. 1 Engine) partially separated from its wing attachment and consequently left wing caught fire which was quickly extinguished by the Airport Safety Services. The passengers were safely evacuated through slide chutes. The left wing of the aircraft was substantially damaged.

February 14, 1990

Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 aircraft VT-EPN was operating Bombay-Bangalore sector on 14.2.1990. The aircraft took off from Bombay at 11:58 hours. There were 146 persons on board which included the two cockpit crew, five cabin crew, and four infants. The flight from Bombay to Bangalore was uneventful. During the final approach to Runway 09 at Bangalore the aircraft first contacted ground within the boundary of the Karnataka Golf Association approximately 2300 ft. prior to the beginning of Runway 09. The aircraft went up into the air for a very short duration after which it again contacted the ground on all three gears and then hit an embankment at the boundary of the golf course. The aircraft finally came to rest outside the boundary wall of the airport. The aircraft was destroyed due to impact and fire. In all 92 persons on board including two pilots and two cabin crew died in the accident.



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