From clothing hooks to plug points, here's how to check for spy cams when renting a flat

In a shocking case that recently occurred in Chennai, a man was arrested for allegedly installing hidden cameras inside an apartment that he rented out to seven women at Adambakkam.
Image used for representational purpose.
Image used for representational purpose.

Camera technology has advanced to such an extent in the past few years that they are getting smaller and smaller, thus making it possible to conceal them any which way, in any sort of places. Like everything else has their pros and cons, such unbelievable advancement in technology has also turned out to be beneficial in some cases, as well as harmful. As these spy or hidden cameras are being manufactured to be most cleverly disguised (and tiny), accessibility has increased and they are being used illegally or for unethical practices.

In a shocking case that recently occurred in Chennai, a man was arrested for allegedly installing hidden cameras inside an apartment that he rented out to seven women at Adambakkam. As the police conducted a thorough check of the premises, they found two cameras hidden in light bulbs, two on hangers and behind curtains in bedrooms and two in the bathrooms. The first camera was discovered by a girl when she was using the bathroom. She kept trying to plug a hair dryer into the socket inside the bathroom and realised that the plug wouldn't go in. She became suspicious and dismantled it and saw that there was a hidden camera.

Nowadays, cameras can be hidden in bathrooms, on cloth hangers, inside changing rooms at shopping malls, inside hotel rooms, actually any place you can think of! And it's pretty easy because of the sleek and clever designs that help them stay hidden.

Here's a lowdown on what types of cameras can be hidden and you wouldn't look twice even when they are right in front of you.

Electrical outlet spy cameras
You sure have seen that wall outlet face which almost always resembles a startled emoji. Well, look carefully the next time, it might just be a camera in disguise. The tiny cameras meant for these units are hidden within the normal electrical sockets' holes.

The rechargeable cameras for these units have sticky adhesive on their backs so they could be positioned anywhere if there is a wall to cling to.

This was likely the type of hidden camera that was placed inside a socket at the women's hostel in Chennai.
Clothing hook hidden camera
This hidden camera looks just like a regular clothes hook, and it can be attached to a cloth hanger without looking suspicious. It is meant for video recordings only. It is a type of camera that blends in easily.
Toilet brush spy cameras
Who would want to mess with a toilet cleaning brush at a hostel or any unknown place for that matter?

Well, no one, except the genius who thought of creating a hidden camera meant for the tool.

Most of these camera units come with a remote control and motion detection, thus covert surveillance is entirely possible with this deceptive technology.

After several investigations, the police found that the accused Sampath Raj alias Sanjay, a real estate agent, did not originally own the flat.

Sanjay had taken it on rent from another person and posed himself as the house owner on a Facebook page through which he got seven female tenants into the flat where he had planted numerous hidden cameras. Police stated that the voice-activated cameras were installed in places including bathrooms of the flat and were aimed at recording the female tenants.

So guys, beware and be careful of these tiny tech monsters that could be harmful to anybody!

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