Kolkata hospital in a tight spot as three men claim to be father of baby

The hospital in south Kolkata found itself in the middle of an unusual controversy as three men claimed to be the father of a newborn. 
Image used for representational purpose only (File | PTI)
Image used for representational purpose only (File | PTI)

"Who is the woman's real husband? And who is the father of the newborn baby?" These are some of the questions that will puzzle you when you read this 'Kahaani' of a mother, newborn baby and three men, which put a south Kolkata hospital in an awkward situation. 

On Saturday, a 21-year-old woman was admitted to the IRIS Hospital. She was accompanied by her mother and a man claiming to her husband. The man signed all the documents as her husband and paid the advance fee. 

What unfolded next left everyone perplexed. As the woman entered labour, another man reached the hospital saying that he is her husband. Baffled by the man's claim, the hospital staffers guided him to the family. 

When the two men met, they broke into an argument which later led to a scuffle outside the hospital ward. When the police arrived at the spot, they asked the men to furnish marriage certificates to prove their claims. While the second man came back with proof, the first one backed off saying he is just a friend. Amid the drama, the woman delivered a baby girl. 

When the matter appeared to have been settled, there was yet another twist with a third man arriving at the scene. Unlike the other two, he didn't claim to her husband but said he is the father of the kid. 

With no options left, the cops decided to wait for the woman's own testimony.

Mystery decoded

When the woman regained consciousness, she confirmed that the second man is her real husband and the child's actual dad. "The woman did not hesitate. She immediately told us that the second person, the one with the marriage certificate, was both her husband and her daughter's dad," a police officer told TOI.

The two initially met in a club and entered into a relationship which led to her pregnancy. But the man was not so keen on shouldering responsibilities. When he refused to marry her, she lodged a complaint of rape against him. They later got married against the wishes of their families.

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