Inside the working of BJP's IT Cell in Karnataka with Tejasvi Surya

We spoke to Karnataka BJP IT Cell Chief Tejasvi Surya about how key an IT Cell is to a party during election season and the importance of job creation
Karnataka BJP youth wing leader Tejasvi Surya (Photo| P Jawahar/ EPS)
Karnataka BJP youth wing leader Tejasvi Surya (Photo| P Jawahar/ EPS)

Job creation is a contentious issue ahead of the Lok Sabha polls. While contrasting reports talk about the potential for jobs and unemployment in equal measure, the BJP is confident that they've done enough under Modi sarkar. "There has been an unprecedented rate of employment generation," said Karnataka BJP IT Cell Chief and BJP Youth Wing General Secretary Tejasvi Surya. We caught up with the 29-year-old politician and lawyer. Excerpts from the charged chat: 

The NSSO survey stated that India's employment data is at an all-time low. Where is the government's answer?

Irrespective of our political affiliations, there are issues that are far more important. The issue of jobs is extremely important for a young person and it is not just about the BJP or the Congress. It is about finding a solution. But that doesn't mean that facts have to be dismissed in a manner that suits a political narrative. The World Bank has stated that in the last two-three years, India has seen the 44 people come above the poverty line every minute. The pace has been at its highest under this government. We have institutionalised a process to get better data and NITI Aayog is looking into it. The most amount of roads were built in India in the last five years, which generated jobs. Almost Rs 15 lakh crore worth of loans have been dismissed under 'Mudra Yojana'.  However, we must realise that we are a country of over one billion people, and every single day, several youths are venturing into the job market. 

How does Karnataka's BJP IT Cell find people?

Most of the people working under the IT cell are volunteers. There is no such employment process. However, we do have a limited number of people who work on the technical aspects such as video editing or making graphics. The volunteer cadre don't get paid anything. All of us including I, don't get paid for our party work. People mostly have a primary job where they earn their bread and butter and later give time to the party

What's your take on doctored videos and misinformation being spread on social media?

Social media and platforms like Twitter and Facebook are like a double-edged sword. The advantage is that all of us have a great platform to consume information and free space to express our views. At the same time, it allows us to correct fake news and bring out real information. This is a matter of principle across all parties. 

Who filters the content that goes on the internet?

There is an editorial process. There are people who monitor the content and look out for factual accuracy. That is across the political spectrum. 

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