We know who is Nesamani but why is he trending now? Hint: Modi

Now that we know who Nesamani is, it's time to delve a little into the details. 

Unless you've been living under a rock or just woke up from a coma, you must have heard about 'Pray for Nesamani'. Now that we know who he is, it's time to delve a little into the details. 

It's safe to say that few have ever succeeded in gaining fame like Nesamani, who became an internet sensation overnight. While many are enjoying the memes around him and playing along, is there something more than what meets the eye? 

#Nesamani broke the internet and is going viral on all social media platforms but its popularity might not be entirely genuine on Twitter. 

It is D-day for the newly elected government as PM Narendra Modi will be sworn in as the 17th Prime Minister of India along with his Council of Ministers at 7 pm. On a day when hashtags 'Modi Sarkar 2' and 'Modi Swearing in' are trending on Twitter, Nesamani seems to be leading the race, pushing hashtags related to Modi way down the trends list. But, is there really any connection between these two events? Some tweets suggest so. 

Check out some of the tweets on Nesamani to know more:

So, here's a task for you. Complete the sentence: Main bhi ____?

Going back to our question, is there really an agenda behind Nesamani trending on Twitter? We leave it to you to decide!

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