Nurses complain of misbehaviour by quarantined coronavirus suspects at Ghaziabad hospital

All the accused five persons are attendees of Tablighi Jamaat conference at Nizamuddin.
For representational purposes (Photo | Prasant Madugula, EPS)
For representational purposes (Photo | Prasant Madugula, EPS)

LUCKNOW: A complaint was lodged by Chief Medical Superintendent  (CMS) of  MMG District hospital of Ghaziabad against a group of five suspected coronavirus accusing them of obscenity on late
Thursday night. 

The CMS Dr. Ravindra Singh, in his complaint, accused the group of five persons quarantined at the isolation ward of the hospital of indulging in obscenity and harassing the women staff.

All the five persons are attendees of Tablighi Jamaat conference at Nizamuddin.

MMG District Hospital of Ghaziabad is one of the five centers where the attendees of Jamaat are quarantined. 

In his complaint, Dr Singh has claimed that the medical staff at the hospital, especially the women, were traumatised by the behaviour of those five persons.

"They refuse to follow the isolation rules and misbehave with the staff. When confronted, they use expletives and laugh off the instructions for maintaining social distancing,” said Dr. Singh.

In fact, a group of four-five nurses had submitted a written complaint to the CMS regarding the behaviour of the persons under isolation. 

The nurses had claimed that they were roaming around semi-naked and harassing female staffers. They are also humming filthy songs and doing obscene gestures refusing to take the medicines

Only with the help of cops they had to be quarantined with the help, they added.

According to Ghaziabad SP (Crime) Prakash Kumar, soon after receiving the complaint from the CMS of the hospital,  the Station House Officer of the local police station concerned was asked to initiate strict action against the persons. 

However, SHO Vishnu Kaushik claimed that he along with ADM City were at the spot conducting a probe into the matter. 

Ghaziabad CMO Dr NK Gupta said that FIRs against such unruly elements would be lodged if they would not mend their ways and cooperate with the hospital staff.

So far Ghaziabad police have tracked down 170 persons associated with Tablighi Jamaat.

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