Homeopath practitioner and toddler son beaten to death by family members in Madhya Pradesh

The chilling development happened on Saturday --just two days before the marriage of the homeopath doctor’s sister.
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Image for representational purpose only

BHOPAL: In a shocking incident, a young homeopath doctor and his toddler son were beaten to death by their own family members in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, out of the false belief that the doctor, his wife and son were possessed by ghosts.

The chilling development happened on Saturday --just two days before the marriage of the homeopath doctor’s sister and niece was to be solemnized in Thikariya village under Shivgarh police station area of Ratlam district.

The shocking double murder of the doctor and toddler son happened just a month after a middle-aged couple under the influence of occult had allegedly stabbed their two young daughters to death in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

According to Ratlam district police superintendent Gaurav Tiwari, “five persons, including the deceased homeopath practitioner’s sister, niece, two nephews and another close relative have been arrested so far in the matter. The arrested men and women have been booked for murder and attempted murder.”

On Saturday morning, the Ratlam police were informed over phone by villagers about the death of 26-year-old homeopath doctor Rajaram Karati in Thikraiya village. By the time police reached the tribal family’s house, the homeopath doctor had been taken to hospital and declared dead there.

The police then found Rajaram’s 3-year-old son Adarsh and Rajaram’s mother Thavri Bai locked in a room in critical condition, while Rajaram’s wife was locked in another room.

“Subsequent investigations revealed that Rajaram along with government hospital nurse wife Sita and son lived in Ratlam town. He had come to attend the marriage of his sister and niece, slated on Monday. But Rajaram, mother and toddler son were locked in one room, while Rajaram’s hospital nurse wife was locked in another room on Friday night,” Tiwari said.

After being locked in two separate rooms, all four were beaten mercilessly by their family members, after close relative Rahul told the family members that Rajaram, his wife, son and even Rajaram’s mother were possessed by ghosts. While Rajaram died on Saturday morning in the room itself, his toddler son died later at the hospital.

“The accused forcibly put a coin in Rajaram’s wife’s mouth, owing to which she was unable to speak. A surgery was performed at government hospital, after which she is out of danger. Rajaram’s mother Thavri Bai too is stated out of danger now,” the Ratlam SP said.

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