COVID-19 third wave: Experts on Ayurveda stress need to modern scientific tools and medical technologies in the system

They emphasised on more usage of modern technologies, including MRI, CT Scan, ventilators, RT-PCR tests, among others.
Representational Image. (File | EPS)
Representational Image. (File | EPS)

THRISSUR: Experts on Ayurveda have stressed the need to adopt modern scientific tools and medical technologies in the system while keeping its original treatment procedures and theories intact.

In view of the threat of the third wave of COVID-19 and its likely impact on children, practitioners of this traditional healthcare form, while participating in a virtual conference, emphasised on more usage of modern technologies, including MRI, CT Scan, ventilators, RT-PCR tests, among others.

Speaking at the event, organised by the Kerala headquartered Vaidyaratnam Group on Monday, Dr Tanuja Nesari, Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda,New Delhi said: "The strength of Ayurveda is in prevention and if we are able to prevent our youngest population from getting infected by COVID, thats a great achievement."

Synergy between traditions supported by technology is the new normal that we have to take forward, she was quoted as saying in a press release here on Tuesday.

The virtual ceremony was organised by Vaidyaratnam Group as part of its founders commemoration day.

Nesari said that a whopping 99.99 per cent of patients who were treated for COVID had recovered well at AIIAs COVID-care centre.

Sharing her experience about treating COVID patients on the second day of the conference, Nesari said each and every patient was supported by yoga, diet, lifestyle, recreation along with technology.

"So we have retained the classical crux, the principle theory and practices of Ayurveda, developed our ownholistic treatment protocol and its all supported by conventional bio-medical tools of investigation like MRI, CT Scan, ventilators, RT-PCR test and oxygen therapists.

"Im really proud to say that of all the patients that we have admitted, 99.99 per cent have fully recovered," she said.

The judicious usage of advancements in other streams of science has helped validate Ayurveda in the global platform, where the tag "traditional medicine" got replaced with "evidenced based medicine", said Ashtavaidyan Dr E T Neelakandhan Mooss, Director of Vaidyaratnam Group.

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