16 variants of Covid active in Uttarakhand, reveals genome sequencing

Officials from the state health department said that total 851 simples were sent to a Delhi lab out of which reports of 285 samples have arrived. Officials from the state health department said that t
Covid Testing (Image for representation)
Covid Testing (Image for representation)

DEHRADUN: Genome sequencing of samples in Uttarakhand has revealed that there are at least 16 variants of the Covid-19 virus active in the hilly state. 

Health department officials said that reports of 531 samples are still pending to decide which variant is dominating the scene. "The genome sequencing has revealed that 16 variants are active as we speak. However, a majority of samples are still pending to determine which dominant variant is prevailing," an official said on the condition of anonymity.

Officials from the state health department said that total 851 simples were sent to a Delhi lab out of which reports of 285 samples have arrived. 

Out of these 285 samples, reports of 208 samples were detected with Sara Cov 2 variant (original variant) while UK variant B117 was detected in 32 samples, one sample has B16171 variant, two have B16172 variant and 42 were detected with various other kind of variants of the virus. 

Other strains include UK variant B16171, UK variant B16172, P681R, P681H, P681RQ1071H, Q677H, N440K, N501Y, L452R, E484K, L452RP681R, N501YP681H, DN50N and E484QLRP681RQ1071H. 

Last month with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirming detection of a total of six cases of various strains, according to doctors in Dehradun’s Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (VRDL), it was  confirmed that highly contagious double mutant strain of SARS-CoV-2 had registered its presence before the Mahakumbh 2021 started on April 1. 

The experts confirmed that three of the six are of the double mutant strain, two are of the UK strain and one is yet to be identified. 

The samples which confirmed the double mutant strain was sent to the NCDC in March end.

The mega religious event was attended by millions of people from across the country with 35 lakh on April 12 Shahi Snan and 13.51 lakh on April 14 Shahi Snan.

At present Uttarakhand has 78802 active cases of Covid 19. The number of active cases came down from 80,000 in comparison with Friday as 5034 people recovered from Covid 19 on Sunday while 4496 new cases were added. 

Sunday also marked lowest number of new cases surfacing in one day since last 21 days. The number of recoveries were also higher than new cases. 

 Last time this happened on March 30 with 147 recoveries and 128 new cases in one day. 

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