Rajasthan woman wins Covid battle after 28 days on ventilator

Rupali Srivastava's oxygen level continued to rise after she was given cancer drugs along with regular medicines.
Hospital staffers shower flowers on Rupali Srivastava upon her discharge. (Photo | Special arrangement)
Hospital staffers shower flowers on Rupali Srivastava upon her discharge. (Photo | Special arrangement)

JAIPUR: The second wave of coronavirus is proving to be deadly but a 27-year-old woman from Kota displayed steely resilience to fight off the virus in 32 days. 

Rupali Srivastava was on ventilator for 28 days. Upon her discharge from the hospital, the staffs and doctors showered flowers on her. She says she is grateful to the medical team.

At the city's Jaiswal Hospital her treating physician, pulmonologist Dr. Kewal Krishna Dung said that Rupali had tested Covid positive on April 21. Her oxygen saturation level was steadily falling. She was hospitalised on April 26 due to difficulty in breathing. 

As per the Covid treatment protocol, Rupali was given plasma but it did not work. Her oxygen saturation was just 30 and the CTC score was 21/25 in the HRCT test.

Due to the delicate situation, she was taken on ventilator. After that, according to protocol, regular medicines and cancer drugs were administered. Following this, doctors saw a gradual improvement in her health as her saturation reached between 67 and 72. 

Under the supervision of a skilled team round the clock, Rupali's oxygen level continued to rise and 25 days later, her oxygen level reached 88. When she was discharged, her oxygen saturation had reached 93.

This was a period when the situation in other critical Covid patients in the city was bad. Hospitals saw shortage of oxygen and medicines and there were no beds. 

Rupali said that she had to stay away from her 18-month-old baby for 32 days. "I did not remember when I came here, the situation was very bad, but thanks to the hospital team, I have won the battle against Covid. My child is waiting for me and I am needed there, and that is why maybe I am still alive", she exclaimed.

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