Indian student Harjot Singh who was shot in Kyiv discharged from hospital

As Harjot's nerves were damaged, he suffers from major shocks when he moves and he is unable to use his right hand.
Harjot Singh flashes the victory sign before leaving the hospital | EXPRESS
Harjot Singh flashes the victory sign before leaving the hospital | EXPRESS

NEW DELHI: Harjot Singh, the Indian student from Delhi who had sustained bullet injuries while escaping the war torn Ukraine has been discharged from the army hospital in New Delhi. Speaking with this newspaper, Harjot said that his condition is improving but he needs further treatment including therapies which are very expensive. He said that he wants Centre’s help for his further treatment.

“The doctor said that my hands and feet will be treated for about a year. My financial condition is not good and my father has retired. My brother is already a family man and can’t do much for me. I want the government of India to help me with further treatment,” said Harjot.

Harjot’s right hand is not working and he faces major shocks when he moves as his nerves got damaged. “The doctors have implanted plates in my legs. I got an operation done at Army Hospital but that is not enough. It will take therapies for me to move my arms and legs,” he said.

He was brought back to India by the Indian Air Force (IAF) in a special flight earlier this month after he was hit by five bullets while trying to escape from Kyiv on February 27. The 30-year-old along with his two friends, had boarded a cab for the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. He was shot four times, including in his chest. He was taken back to the city and admitted to a hospital.

Harjot was wounded and after four hours an ambulance arrived and took him. All his belongings, documents, his phone and even the car went missing after which he was taken back to Kyiv. Kesar Singh, Harjot’s father, is relieved and is happy that is son is back and recovering but is also worried about his future. He said if his son gets another opportunity, he will go back to Ukraine for studies.

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