NSA Doval bats for diplomacy to resolve Ukraine war in Jeddah peace talks

Peace talks at Jeddah were attended by top officials from 40 nations.
NSA Ajit Doval is welcomed on his arrival to take part in National Security Advisors' meeting on Ukraine, in Jeddah. (Photo | PTI) 
NSA Ajit Doval is welcomed on his arrival to take part in National Security Advisors' meeting on Ukraine, in Jeddah. (Photo | PTI) 

NEW DELHI: The peace talks on Ukraine, which was attended by National Security Advisor (NSA)-level officials from over 40 countries in Jeddah, is possibly going to continue in a third-level of talks.

Russia was excluded from the discussion, which was attended by India’s NSA Ajit Doval who batted for dialogue and diplomacy.  “Dialogue and diplomacy is the way forward for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine conflict. There is a need to uphold territorial integrity and sovereignty without exception by all states,” Doval is reported to have stated in his speech.

The two-day meeting, hosted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, was attended by US NSA Jake Sullivan and China’s Special Envoy for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui.

Doval while referring to the impact of the conflict said, the whole world, especially the Global South is bearing the brunt of the situation. “India has regularly engaged both Russia and Ukraine at the highest levels since the beginning of the conflict and New Delhi supports a global order based on principles enshrined in UN Charter and international law,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy put forward the 10-point “peace plan” for ending the conflict that included punishing those responsible for war crimes, withdrawing all Russian troops from Ukraine, and restoring his country’s territorial integrity. Under the plan, he called for ensuring energy security, food security and nuclear safety.

Meanwhile, China is reported to be in support of a third round of talks to find a framework for peace in Ukraine. The two-day meeting in Jeddah was the second of its kind, as a similar forum was held in Copenhagen in June.

China didn’t attend the talks in Copenhagen – even though it was invited. Saudi Arabia has touted its ties to both sides in the war and positioned itself as a possible mediator.

While Saudi Arabia maintains good relations with China and Moscow on oil policy, there has been tension recently after Russia did not adhere to the agreed reduction in production.

In May, Saudi Arabia hosted Zelenskiy at an Arab summit, also in Jeddah, where he accused some leaders of turning “a blind eye” to the horrors of Russia’s invasion.

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