Former Vadodara BJP MLA reveals internal conflicts within party

Jitu Sukhadia has said that there is no group in the BJP, but individuals are playing political tricks to satisfy their ambitions.
BJP flags used for representative purposes
BJP flags used for representative purposes(Photo| PTI)

AHMEDABAD: While the Kshatriya movement challenges BJP leaders in Gujarat, internal conflicts within the party also surface continuously. Former BJP MLA Jitu Sukhadia questioned the party's organization, labeling it as ineffective.

Sukhdia has said that there is no group in the BJP, but individuals are playing political tricks to satisfy their ambitions. Additionally, Sukhadia lamented a lack of communication regarding candidate programs, pointing out the evident communication gap within the party, which he deemed undesirable.

During an interaction with local media in Vadodara on Monday, Jitu Sukhadiya, a highly regarded senior BJP member and former MLA of Sayajigunj, raised significant queries regarding the party's organizational functioning and working methods.

Sukhadiya remarked, "The dynamics within the BJP in the city have shifted, with a lack of support and accountability. This poses a significant problem as the party seems to be driven solely by those who display banners (against the party). This should be stopped immediately; the organization of the Vadodara City BJP has faltered. Instead of cohesive teamwork, there's a trend of individuals employing political tactics for personal gain. We were left uninformed about the candidate program, and the prevailing communication vacuum is far from ideal."

Sukhadia highlighted, "A glaring instance of communication shortfall occurred yesterday with the BJP rally in Vadodara. I wasn't informed, and the event wasn't organized as diligently as it ought to have been. I've conveyed this concern to our high command, urging them to take a proactive interest and ensure respect for all party workers. It's crucial to arrange events in a manner that upholds the dignity of our seniors."

BJP's internal divisions in Vadodara have persisted over an extended period. Initially, the party nominated Ranjan Bhatt, a two-time MP, for a ticket.However, protests erupted among BJP leaders in Vadodara following the announcement.

Dr Jyotipandaya, the vice president of BJP's Rashtriya Mahila Morcha, resigned in protest. Subsequently, Ranjanben Bhatt, the BJP MP from Vadodara, declined the offer to contest for the third time, making her decision public through social media platforms.

Following Ranjan Bhatt's withdrawal, the BJP nominated young leader Dr. Hemang Joshi as their candidate for the seat. However, even after his nomination, there was dissent among local BJP leaders. A viral video on social media depicted Yogesh Patel, a senior BJP leader and MLA from Vadodara, refusing to wear the BJP scarf handed to him by Dr. Hemang Joshi during a rally.

Amidst internal discord within the BJP leadership, the Kshatriya community staged protests across Gujarat on Monday against the BJP's Rajkot candidate, Purushottam Rupala.

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